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Custom Clan: Jugen

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1Custom Clan: Jugen Empty Custom Clan: Jugen Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:23 am


IC Name: Jugen, Karisu
Byond Key: xxdesmondxx
Skype : Akagami_samurai
Village: Suna
Specials: Stage 1: Imperfect Sage Transformation (Normally active upon rage (T1 Kekkei Genaki) ( Boost include:+1 Str, +1 Spd, +1 Reflex, +1 Tough, +1 Chakra, +1 Stanima) ), Stage 2: Semi - Sage Transformation (Is activated upon rage prolonged rage (T2 Kekkei Genaki)- This include the lost of the users mind (Boost Include: +2 of all the ones listed in Stage 1)), Stage 3: Perfect Sage Transformation (Extremely prolonged rage (T3 Kekkei Genkai) The mind of the user is completely gone... The only way in calming them down is by knocking them out.(Boost Include: +3 of all the previous listed boost.) Note: The Boost do not stack

(RP Example.) Jugen, Karisu glared to the guy as she watched him attack her village. "You wont get away with this!" she would yell as her eye closed and her body would began to change dramatically. Grey would scratch across her face as it did her body. Huge jets would form on her back, her arms would be modified to pick up larger things and deal great damage, eyes gloomed of a evil presence, and her mind would be completely lost into rage. Hunched over with her hand on her head, she would slowly look up to the guy and began to laugh.. "Guahahahaah!!!" Immediately without hesistation, the jets on her back would shoot chakra out of her causing her to be launched forward at great speed.

Closing her gap,her fist would ball up and be jabbed right into his cheek with all she had. "Die!" she would roar as she would send the guy flying a good distance away from where he stood but of course she was not done. Ruuning a tad and using her back jets once again, she would appear in front of the guy where his body laid... "I'll teach you in messing with my village." Picking him up by his head, she would throw him into a building followed by her fist into his stomach causing blood to fly out his mouth.

(Why do you want this clan so much?) To introduce a clan that most people normally wouldnt think about. This would help stir more rp and even cause an uproar of events to spark because of the clan.

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