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Namikaze Clan

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1Namikaze Clan  Empty Namikaze Clan Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:10 pm


(For the new generation TS wipe. Namikaze, Saito Ninja Will.)
Namikaze Clan Descendant -
"This person is a descendant of Saito and Jaila Namikaze. They have extremely high amounts of chakra, do to the sealing glymph of the Eight Trigrams Sealing placed on their stomach they even have equal amounts of chakra equal to a tailed bijuu from the sealing having stored lifeforce chakra of the past Namikaze, and they can use high chakra controlled techniques easier. They also have a natural affinity for the Wind Element. Since they excell in chakra they can also tweak abilites that usually cost deadly amounts of chakra having them use very little to none at all.

During the time of Saito's ninja era him, and Jaila the second hokage eventually get married. After 2 years of marriage the two of them have a son named Kasai Namikaze who seem to have more of a ninja style similair to his mother, but had more of his fathers ninja will, and natural abilites.

Even more so looking more like Saito in the face, but having his mothers long hair but blonde like his fathers. Before the years of his sons birth Saito had spent his time creating a sealing that was developed from the direct link of his own chakra, and blood.

During his time as the Hokage he spent a lot of time with the current Uzumaki of the village thoroughly watching,and understanding how their clan worked there ways through sealing jutsu.

In that regards he placed a sealing using the 5 finger seals onto his own stomach using the same method as the summoning technique he poured his own drawn blood into a acccurate shape of the sealing. Placing his hand own hand on the blood above he sealing he linked his very lifeforce of his chakra, and spirit into this sealing.
He used the same method as how shadow clones worked. Using a direct source amount of chakra the seal was developed so that anyone who was born underneath his bloodline would have this seal automatically until birth. Each time a Namikaze dies there spirit or chakra is sent into the newly born one enhancing their own natural chakra at birth.

In regards to that using the four seals symbol on top of the Eight Trigrams another seal is made for the user who shared Saitos indirect methods of being a ninja was able to learn jutsu directed by his bloodlink could learn easily.
Do to links of Kage Bunshin he formed a sealing around that technique that he placed on his own son that would only show up when the ninja showed Saitos characteristic personality traits. The techniques were the Shadow Clone Technique, and only those the frogs of mount myobuku approved of or his bloodline could use the frog summoning,
and techniques.

The Rasengan being his own personal jutsu he left this is a extremely forbidden technique that only 2 to 1 person could learn where the contents of this scroll were hidden some where in the leaf. The ninja who could find out where this scroll was would be the one to inherit this long forgotten technique. He described it as being "In the heart of Konoha where it swirls most, but best kept close to him.

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