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Custom Clan Application - Eosoph

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1Custom Clan Application - Eosoph  Empty Custom Clan Application - Eosoph Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:42 pm



Byond Key: Theosoph
IC Name: Damien Eosoph
Skype: Tsasakiz
Clan: Eosoph
Village: Konoha
Specials: Dōjutsu (Aura/Chakra Sight "Ōra kōkei"), Chakra Manipulation

History: The Eosoph clan has existed since the time of mother and her generous gift to modern ninja. Their roots can be traced in almost every historical ninja event, and their mark on every pivotal/turning point in ninja history. Ever since Sir Vladimir Theosoph (The first leader of the Eosoph Clan), the clan has prospered and grown into a unique particular set of ninja. This is largely due to the Kekkei Genkai and techniques developed by the Clan Elders (Malikai and Euanthe) during the early stages of the clan. The clan is originally from the Land of the Moon but has branched out to many nations after the civil war within the clan between Malikai and Euanthe over the direction that the clan should take as far as progression. However, after the first ninja war, the clan regained unity and decided that it was best that the clan stay separated physically as to hold roots in all nations; but they kept reunions and staying in touch vital. To follow the social norm of clans around the ninja world, Theosoph decided hiding their clans motives and secrets was for the best and as such took all the remaining secret scrolls to a secret location in the Mountains of Myōboku , only to never return. Since then different clan members have taken on the role as leaders only to fall short and ultimately leave the clan’s name in turmoil. Because of this the clan decided it was best to not have leaders and just be a clan who looks out for each other the best they could. Only recently has the clan decided to start electing leaders again because of the lack of respect the clan has been generating in the past years. Though, they haven’t officially elected a new leader yet.

Abilities of the Clan: Upon studying under friends that the elders made from the Uchiha and Senju clan, they knew there was more to the connection of chakra and the human body that people of that time knew of; so they decided to travel into the Mountains of Myōboku to decipher and better understand the techniques that they had been taught. After years spent in the mountains the threat of extinction of their clan was imminent, they returned to the Land of the Moon and brought back their secrets to be taught to a select few so that the clan may survive. The secrets brought back were plenty, but the abilities taught were few, and the rest of the knowledge were put into scrolls and sealed away until the prophecy the elders had foresaw in the mountains would come into fruition. Among the techniques and abilities taught the most commonly known were “Chakra Manipulation” and the “Art of Medical Ninjutsu”. The secret techniques (Bloodline traits) associated with the clan are “Advanced Chakra Manipulation” and “Aura/Chakra Sight” these traits are only found in the descendants of Euanthe.

  • Chakra Manipulation: The ability to control your chakra beyond the average limits of the run of the mill ninja. It allows you to wield your chakra as a weapon in a more literal sense (Not like casting genjutsu, and ninjutsu). It is often spoken of that members of the Eosoph clan would use their chakras as blades and sometimes even shields in battle.
  • The Art of Medical Ninjutsu: A book wrote by the elders (Malikai and Euanthe) in the Mountains of Myōboku, within this books is secrets that the elders deciphered through Chakra Manipulation concerning healing techniques. They teach how to heal wounds internally and externally, not only on caster, but on others as well. They also teach the practitioner minute details on how to start on the path to mastering mitotic regeneration. The book can only read by those who posses the ability to Read Aura/Chakra, this is because the pages are encoded with a special chakra blend designed by Euanthe.
  • Advanced Chakra Manipulation (Developed by Euanthe; *Clan Specifics, not talking about all clans in the ninja world*): The ability to control the chakra within your own body on a expert level; it also grants the user the ability to manipulate chakra in others body as well. This level of chakra manipulation can be achieved through strenuous practice and discipline. (Limitation: When you are manipulating the chakra of another person, your chakra essentially bonds (Is tethered) with theirs in the process, meaning what you do to that person also effects you by x1/3. Furthermore, if you manipulate a person's chakra to the point of death, you also die due to the bond not being properly un-tethered.)  
  • Aura/Chakra Sight (Developed by Euanthe; *Clan Specifics, not talking about all clans in the ninja world*): The ability to see people's’ auras and chakra. Those who possess this unique dōjutsu is also characterized with having a talon like line extend from their iris. This dōjutsu progresses in 3 stages; in the first stage the first visible talon like line appears and grants the user with the ability to see a uni-field aura on a by base level, depending on how strong the user is when they first unlock the dōjutsu the user will either see a faint aura on or a fairly lit aura on others. In the second stage of the dōjutsu a second line extends from the iris and the wielder can now see a multi-based field of auras around others as well as precisely predict their mood and whether or not they are ever lying. They can also now effectively see the chakras that other people host within themselves. In the third stage of the dōjutsu the last and final line extends from the iris and the wielder can begin to predict the movement of other people based on the indications given off by that person’s chakra and aura displacement.

Drawbacks:  The amount of time it takes the clan members to learn and master these abilities range from anywhere from a decade to 30 years depending on the level of dedication and ambition from the practitioner, and even then the wielder may never fully gain control of these abilities; sometimes only being able to use half of the full potential granted by learning a specific technique or being born with the dōjutsu kekkei genkai. With that being said clan members often have to go to extremes to unlock the full potential granted to them by being born into the clan. Those who believe in the written ritual recordings of the clan sometime perform these insane rituals in hopes that the elders will smile upon their efforts and grant them the full power to their abilities. Others take the traditional route and go through various degrees of difficult tasks and in order to obtain full potential. Both however do not always grant the results desired and sometimes clan members may go through their whole life not ever being able to reach the full potential of their abilities and sometimes fall into a depression or chaotic mental state because of it. There are many cases of clan members going crazy and having to be taken out do to this mentally disabling factor.

What You Plan to do: Damien seeks to be a great well rounded ninja who earns the respect of his clan and restore his clan to their former glory. He plans to do this by proving himself to be one of the best ninja of all time, and he’ll accomplish this goal at any cost. (Right now I'm just trying to get my clan up and started. I really don't have anything huge in mind at the moment, but I definitely would like to have a clan due to the type of kekkei genkai and techniques I would like for my character to have. Also once I convince my friends to start playing nindo they would be able to join my clan in a more official manor. Just trying to make the game a tad bit more exciting for myself and everyone else; I expect to meet some people I could sway to join my clan, so it'd just be easier to have a official clan they can join.)

Role-Play Example:  Damien kneels to the shrine of Malikai and Euanthe perched in front of his clan’s primary dwelling. “The Land of Moon has been a great home to me, and I shall return to it one day... “ He looks up into the night sky, up at the crescent moon. “But for now, I must travel afar and prove my worth to the clan; so that I may not only earn their respect.. but earn the respect of others in the name of...Eosoph..” He stands, and turns away from the mighty statues of his elders and start walking towards the ferry perched nearby on the dock ahead. He thought he could faintly hear his clan in the distance cheering him on, but he knew better, it was all in his head; and even if they were cheering; he knew better than to look back now, this place would be his past and only his past. His future.. was else-where..

Last edited by Theosoph on Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:12 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Adding limitations to a potentially un-broken ability.)

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