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Ketsueiki clan application

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1Ketsueiki clan application Empty Ketsueiki clan application Sun Nov 09, 2014 6:51 am

Luna Hearts

IC Name: Ketseuiki, Satsuki
Byond Key: Kairi Hearts
Skype : vasto-ashy
Village: Sunagakure

Ketsueiki clan application 300px-Nature_Icon_Blood.svg

Cast out from the hidden mist for over "Zealous" events, the Ketsueiki have found refuge in Sunagakure along with the many other clans that reside in the village. They are natural born manipulators of blood...being able to cast different weapons from there own bloodstream along with other means of bloodshed. They were unheard of until they sprung up in the hidden mist along with the Kaguya clan, though through that they have come to many fights for the methods used eventually ending in a war which has cast them off to they're now current home. Not much has been known about them or they're methods since then
--Custom Perks--
                                                                           ---Ketsueiki clan application Filepi10---
Blood Manipulation : This user can use Jutsu that draws Blood from their own body, and mixes it with their Chakra. Since their body, and Chakra is already so used to their own blood, they can use it with extreme precision, and it can be quite dangerous.
Hidden Jutsu

Blood Release, Iron Count: The user makes a single cut across their palm or any other surface of they're body (May or may not take training) and proceeds to manipulate the iron content within the blood they bring forth. The level of iron is then multiplied extensively through Chakra, allowing the user to mold the blood into a sort of blood blade, shield or even platform beneath their feet.

Blood Release, Siphon: The user of this jutsu revels in death, absorbing the lingering residual Chakra of all nearby corpses (or if they are lucky enough a direct intake of chakra and blood from a living subject), each of which partially restores the user's own blood supply - while also restoring some of their own Chakra and healing minor wounds

Blood Release, Blood Frenzy: Not a technique per say. The Blood Frenzy is a state of being expressed by those capable of performing the Blood Release. The Blood Frenzy is one of the many possibly fatal downsides associated with the Kekkei Genkai, but one that can also be managed and put to actual use.  (This can be unlocked further down the line)

Clan Symbol:
Ketsueiki clan application 300px-Ketsueki.svg

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