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Clan Application in regards to the Jiki Clan

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Clan Application in regards to the Jiki Clan 300px-Nature_Icon_Magnet.svg

Clan's Background Story: The Jiki family a set of simple miners, dwelling in a cave in particular afraid of the outside world and its corruption. One day the head of the family gave birth to twins she'd named them Shin and Jin. Shin being the oldest by a minute and Jin the youngest.

They’d have a normal life with in the cave, Shin on the other hand dreamed of venturing to the outside world but Jin didn't he'd shared the family beliefs. At the age of eighteen Shin decided to follow his heart and left for the outside world but he was stopped by Jin, he'd offer him to come along but Jin couldn't. Jin tried to stop his brother but failed as his brother utilized the family's gift and trapped him beneath a pile of minerals. Shin fled and Jin was left there being crushed by the weight of the minerals, with this his life was dwindling away almost being snuffed out.

To his rescue came his father in the nick of time, found out what happened from his son and sent him back in the cave and pursued Shin. The Jiki's didn't hear back from Jenpaku Jiki again after about twenty years. A Hooded Figure told them he'd passed away from unknown reasons and declared them all -slaves- under his rule. They didn't approve of this but it didn't matter, thy were easily defeated and some killed for disobedience. Fifty more years they were slaves, Jin the leader and elder of the clan didn't want his family and future generations to endure this so he'd form a plan.

Over the years he'd already dug an escape route he'd ordered the remaining Jiki to take this cave while he fought off the hooded man whom was stricken with age at this time as well. Jin knew his time was coming to an end so he didn't second guess himself, with the plan commenced the clan retreated and he'd be in battle with the hooded man. Jin was easily stabbed through his heart and his life was finally coming to an end and he'd gain an understanding of the family's gift in his dying moment. He manipulated a metal rod in the ground behind of the hooded man and ran it though both of them, killing Jin on impact. At this moment the hooded man's hood fell off, revealing him as an aged Shin but Jin wouldn't have known he'd already departed their world at death's heel.

The Clan on the other hand split into two, one half decided to head to the Lightning Country do to the wealth of minerals there and vast amount there. In other words they were stricken by greed. The other half decided to head back to their cave where they’d do business leading the mineral trade for a moment until forming a partnership with Sungakure finding peace and a place for their family to truly flourish.[/color]

Abilities of the Jiki: Every member of the Jiki Clan is born with magnetic chakra, Magnet Release (磁遁, Jiton; Viz "Magnet Style")

There is endless possibilities with the Magnet Release (磁遁, Jiton; Viz "Magnet Style") Such as Sand Manipulation Iron Sand, Gold Dust, and Magnetized Weapons. {Think outside the box, be creative or make something entirely new. Who knows.}

 Description of Magnet Release (磁遁, Jiton; Viz "Magnet Style") is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai which allows the user to convert chakra into magnetic forces and magnetized an object.

Physical Traits of members of the Jiki Clan, Hair color commonly black but due to the cross breading this color might be different like Brown or Gray {Only Options in Color.} The members are a bit built, a bit muscular giving the traits inherited for their ancestors working their ass off in mines.

The reason behind of me making this app isn't just for my character, its mainly for Suna because if i'm not mistaking thy don't have a clan. I wanted to make Suna and other character's unique in a sense.

Beyond Key: Bloodline Killer X

Anyway this is my conclusion to my app on the Jiki. I hope you like it!



Approved. All applications for making into the clan should be posted here for now.


Title of the topic: Clan Application for Sunagakure (Jiki : Iron Sand Manipulation)

IC Name: Reiku
Byond Key: Kevingervais
Skype : (None)
Village: Sunagakure
Specials: Kenjutsu
Clan I'm Applying For: Jiki Clan

(RP Example.)
[I did a small one again just to show a little of what I'd be like if I was skilled at Iron Sand manipulation.
Reiku was blown away by the explosion sending him skidding into the ground. Reiku pushed himself up but the enemy seemed to already by right on top of him! Reiku quickly thrusted his hand forward and some Iron sand rushed towards the enemy at incredible speed! The enemy quickly backed away and threw three shuriken Reiku's way. Reiku raised his hand and formed three Iron sand shuriken. He then sent them towards the other three shuriken and the countered each other. Reiku formed a giant hand made of iron sand and sent if crashing down towards the enemy. The enemy dodged and through a kunai with paper that had an explosive tag latched on to it. The Tag got danerously close to Reiku so he covered himself in a ball of dense iron sand . The sphere Reiku was in shook at the enemy through many explosive tags at it. Reiku was gathering his chakra for one last plan. Reiku summoned a iron sand clone of himself inside the sphere and began to set his plan into motion. He took down the sphere around him which was a huge relief to him and sent his clone rushing towards the enemy while he rushed behind it sticking to the clone like a shadow. The enemy sent an explosive tag attached to a kunai at it and the clone exploded reverting to sand. The sand flew everywhere and lingered around. You had to squint so it wouldn't get in your eyes but the enemy didn't know that and his eyes shut as sand got in his eyes. At that moment Reiku leaped into the air and looked around for a clear shot. Once he found his shot he screamed out,"It's over!" As he said this he threw a lance made of dense iron sand and it impaled the enemy and stabbed into the ground. Reiku fell to the ground to catch his breath and restore his chakra. He had to leave soon and report this to his squad. Reiku smiled, glad he survived to live another day.

(Why do you want this clan so much?)
I want this clan a lot because for RP purposes if I had it it would get my friends talking about me then it might spread and other people may want to RP with me thus creating more RP to happen. At least I hope that's what the chain reaction would be like.


IC Name: Jiki, Den. {Denjiki is Japanese to Electromagnetism}
Byond Key: Radiant_Eclipse
Skype : N/A
Village: Suna
Specials: Weaponist - Magnet Release: Conserving Bee Twin Blades will be the primary idea behind this character rather than a Sand/Iron Dust manipulation type. In the series this type of Magnet Release was used by a member of Kumogakure which I think fits with the concept of this clan splitting between Lightning Country and Wind Country/Suna.

RP Example: (*Jiki, Den shifted his slanted eyes from the shinobi before him to the opposite corners as he contemplated the fighting behind him. Den was in a dire situation where time was a factor; survival wouldn't be enough. He had to finish this quickly so he could lend a hand to the others in the center of the village.

An explosion that rattled the ground sounded off from near the Kazekage's office - Den's cue to kick into action.

"Sorry, but I'll have to make this quick."

Den retrieved a pair of his special kunai before focusing his chakra through them to grant them his Magnetic Release. To anyone else they may have seemed normal kunai, but their steel was receptive to chakra as they were made to be imbued with elemental chakra.

Charging both weapons with a positive polarity, Den threw the first with startling accuracy. The second kunai followed quickly after, having been thrown harder than the first. As the two weapons grew nearer their magnetism worked against their trajectories to push them away from each other. The arcs of the weapons were significantly altered away from the man before Den.

But that was just the feint. Tied between the two kunai was steel wire. As the two kunai passed their target the wire was pulled taut. If the feint worked the wire would have snapped closed around the enemy shinobi like a bolo to force the two kunai around and around. Once his target was sufficiently bound Den would retrieve the lone, massive shuriken on his back.

"If you didn't guess... this one has the opposite polarity to give this attack a homing effect. It's unavoidable now..."

There was a reluctance to his voice, as if he were sad about the whole thing, but he had somewhere he had to be. People needed him.*)

Why do you want this clan so much?: I thought the style of attacking was interesting when I saw it in the series. It can be dangerous but wouldn't be as powerful as something like Sand manipulation. I prefer skill-based characters to power-based characters so this would be a good fit for me.

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