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Arachnid (Custom Tribe/Evolved Species)

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1Arachnid (Custom Tribe/Evolved Species) Empty Arachnid (Custom Tribe/Evolved Species) Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:43 pm



This application has been accidentally destroyed due to an error in the code and has to be fixed, expect it to take a few weeks to a month or more. This has caused many skillcards, skills and information to fade away.

Arachnid (Custom Tribe/Evolved Species) Spider-symbol_1
Arachnid Tribe

Known to be from ancient times, this tribe has survived amongst humanity and happened to hide amongst regular humans, though they do share a common link between cultural differences and appearances towards normal humans. However, long ago this tribe seemingly died out before history could be described on paper because they were seen as abominations that should never have appeared on this rock. During the event they had to set out for war and some were ordered to hide amongst humans, those who hid were once known as lesser parts of this tribe. While the royal one's and those who didn't want to live anymore during the humiliation that they had to walk through headed to war. Grief, defeat and pain was all that this tribe could see during these moments of war where hundreds upon thousands of children, soldiers and royals died amongst them in the war for nothing but the simple idea that humanity had created to image them this way, as abominations. Simply, because of that this clan has sworn to take fate in their own hands, in fact. They see justice as a disgusting tool that people hide behind to seek bloodshed.

Current Timeline
Sworn to uphold the secret of their tribe the children, soldiers and the elder of this tribe has started to gather itself to pick up the fragments while it's time to show humanity that they are finally returned. Truly, their existence is known only by those in authority and they are seen as a threat to the entire world. But, the leaders of every village might not know that they still do not exist, while some may choose to cooperate with them simply for their sheer knowledge and power. This is the rise of the arachnid tribe, where equality shall reign for humanity while also for animals, insects and even those abominations that humanity pictured them as, even though they may need to use violence.

While most have dominant purple or green hair and white skin, it is likely also possible that they may have tan skin and black colored hair if related to the royals in any way. However, they all have insomniac eyes and a strange sense of smell and vision, some may even have developed four eyes, until that time they have two regular eyes and a slit next to them. Their hands and feet are sticky when they want to because of the hairs all over the arachnoid body, these are able to be manipulated at will and are sticky. For instance, if an arachnoid wanted to walk on the ceiling without using their hands of feet, but knee's they could. What is most noticed is that they have actual spider fangs, they mostly use these to bite through the skin of others as they are very sharp and hard. While, it may be annoying to bite on food and sometimes even arachnids bite through their own tongue: completely slicing it in half. Mostly they either have red, purple or green eyes unless you're a royal, royals sometimes have strange blue eyes or simply a black darkness for eyes.

During the war this clan hid underground while they advanced technology differently than humanity, they are more known for fuuinjutsu and medical advancement, not structural advancement. However, all the people from this tribe are named after certain spiders and sometimes even have a middle name dedicated to honor the achievements in their life, though most likely it is also dedicated to the fact that they are arachnoid species. It is forbidden to have intercourse with a human in this culture and if anyone in the culture knows of a arachnoid which betrayed their race, they would be set to execution instantly.

Genetic Information
Arachnoid creature's are never able to obtain any elements, this is a drawback that they forever will be able to taste. While they are difficult to genetically modify it is possible, most children that are made with humans are handicapped but that can also be tampered with by the genetics. But, once again based on skill and luck. It is dominant information that they have insomniac eyes while most either have red, green or purple eyes and the smell will most likely be always messed up unless somehow the geneticist is able to change it around to change all the smells into something proper. This is all the genetic information possibly given at the moment.

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