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Admin Application - Rahie

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1Admin Application - Rahie Empty Admin Application - Rahie Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:55 pm


Hello admin team this is Rahie - Aka Saito. I have been rping as a player on the game for a quite a while, and there are certain things I feel that Rply I can keep the flow going or keep it natural without player base being lost by being the admin who can at times set up events for the players, so they can icly progress the story themselves. I really don't need verbs like ban or boot, but I really feel that I can keep that balance between having certain jutsu, and progression.

I literally am one of those people who has watched the entire naruto series including the manga, and I have studied exactly what has happened between in jutsu, and understand how they must be tailored to the games aspects to keep the fresh flow of RP.

I'd like to direct or put the rulings on certain jutsu so that they aren't over powered, and overtime everyone can grow from this. I know the admins need help, and I have no problem setting people up for RP, and even getting them involved for a story to grow.

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