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Chunin Application

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1Chunin Application Empty Chunin Application Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:42 pm


IC Name: Uzumaki, Nazo
Byond Key: Blood13_666
Skype : Bloodstainedsand
Rank (Grade): Chunin
Village: Konohagakure
Specs: Fuuinjutsu Spec
Age: 25

RP Example: Yakisoba stood at the foot of the cliff overlooking the sea, he came here often to calm his mind. The man hears a faint noise coming from the forest behind him, his acute sense of hearing deciphering it from the roar of the waves against the cliff. He reaches into his kunai holster, clenching a kunai, his muscles tense. Had his personal paradise been discovered? A few moments later, a figure emerges from the treeline; a massive wolf dashes towards the shinobi. Quick to react; Yakisoba throws a kunai towards the behemoth of a wolf's right eye, and rolls into the wolf, hoping to evade any form of tackle by the creature. Sure enough, the wolf, now partially blind, attempts to tackle Yakisoba off the cliff, but his target was no longer there. The wolf stumbles, somewhat shocked. Yakisoba, now with a victorious look in his eyes, tosses an exploding tag on the heel of the wolf. He makes a handseal, boom! The tag explodes, the force of the explosion forces the wolf off balance. The colossal creature falls and enters the sea..

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)

I want to be able to influence the village in a positive way that will lead to dynamic, and fun rp for Konohagakure. I am also very active, and also have a good amount of experience with roleplay.

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