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Chuunin Application

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1Chuunin Application Empty Chuunin Application Sun Nov 02, 2014 3:06 am


IC Name: Himora, Tsurichi'i
Byond Key: AsinineSoup
Skype : deezydeezy123
Rank (Grade): Chuunin (C/C+)
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: Kenjutsu/Raiton/Bukijutsu(partial spec Throwing Weapons)
Age: 19 (Nineteen)

(RP Example: A Pirate-themed Event I held for EotS a few months ago with a little of the fodder stripped from the short excerpt. The part of the Captain is played by yours truly.)

(*Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts would have likely been seen stepping off the deck of his Man o' War - made outside of the Country - with his two trusty partners right behind him as they boot-clapped across the plank set forth.
Upon approach, they were stopped, and a slow, sleezy grin stretched across the man's face.

"Greetin' ye be on this fine evenin', lads? Well, I do hope - I be a fair merchant, these two m'loyal crew." He'd turn to both, laughing heartily. "Salty bastards, ya' are, but paid t'accompany nonetheless."
Looking back up at the Shinobi, his eyes are revealed with a sparkle.
"We come t'trade. Ain' that right, boys?", flicking the rim of his captain's hat.

"Call me Cap'n Love, mates."*)

Hoshigaki, Toshio asks: Ah...Captain. What exactly are you here to trade?
Hozuki, Yua says: These runts aye don't have changed at all since me last visit here, from t' looks o' it.

(*Fuzen looks to him quietly as he struggled with the sailor garble, quietly nodding to him saying "We have no problem with you trading, but I must request all weapons remain here with us, or on board your Vessel.. Captain." his prayer beads in his left hand now as he rand finger over each bead saying a silent prayer there would be no henge check, his eyes moving to the one who spoke not sure if he recognised him or not.*)

Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts says: *chuckles* Aye...aye, lad, aye. *eyes cut back to Toshio* The rest of me crew be on me ship out in th'harbor. We look t'trade anything ye wee hearts desire...

Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts says: ...rum, aye? Sake?...Wool, pelts?...

(*Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts chuckles lightly, stroking his chin. "Women o' exotic standards, aye?"*)

Fuzen thinks: Heathenous temptation...
Hoshigaki, Toshio says: What about men? Hien likes men.
Hozuki, Yua thinks: Haaaaaaaaa.
Fuzen says: No sir, we are practitioners of the Teii Faith, and offering such a thing would be considered quite.. Against our faith so better to be forewarned.
Hozuki, Yua thinks: So tha' shitstain of a religion is still up an' kickin'...

Fuzen says: Front gate..
Fuzen says: He's there.

(*Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts takes a few steps forward, his equipment and steel clattering lightly as he does so upon tossing his headback. A hearty laughter escapes his throat at Toshio's joke - "Yaarrr, ya' 'ear 'at, lads? Folk o' th' Water Country love 'em some men of salacious design." He continues forward, approaching liesurely.

"Now, now..."*)

Hoshigaki, Toshio asks: Captain, do you and you crew mind staying put for now?

Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts says: Ain' no need t'get others involved, lads...
Francios Le Clerc asks: M'thinks dese runts be alarm'd of our presence. O' how these ninjers neva' change. Keepin' dis crew at da docks like we be about ta attack or somethin'. Where be yer hospitality?

Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts says: ...I acquiesce to yer demands, ninja folk - me crew and me crews weapons'll stay lowered...aye.

(*Captain Bartholemu "Love Robbin'" Roberts reaches down to his hip with both hands, his saber slowly pulling outward and singing the sound of steel into the humid air of Kirigakure.
His blade brandished, his other hand falls to his other hip, pulling off a strange contraption that - at first glance - would appear to be ...a handgun.

His laughter persists as though this entire situation was just too much fun. He aims the barrel of the weapon upward and tightens the grip on the saber.
", now, lads. We been frien'ly, n' we abode to yer parley." he explains slowly, the hammer of the strange weapon resounding a *click* as he pulls it back. "Confession time?"

He maintains his smirk, peering back at his men, then back forward again. "We ain' merchants. Big s'prise thar, aye? Hahaha..."...and with a dramatic pause, his grin disappears.
"Hand o'er yer valuables...we be's tradin yer goods fer yer life, lads."

[Cue dramatic music]*)

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
Well. Honestly? I've been providing RP for a large player base of which half the individuals don't truly even appreciate the time and effort put in.
When given this opportunity, it will surely be a chance to promote RP where, hopefully, the relatively smaller player base will feel the urge to invite so that the opportunities will increase.

In other words, I'm willing to put in the time I once put into Era here instead, which is...nothing short of a few hours every day.

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