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Jinchuuriki Application

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1Jinchuuriki Application Empty Jinchuuriki Application Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:08 pm


IC Name: Yougan, Roku
Byond Key: Trendingg_NYC
Skype: GeekGod_Shimmy
Rank (Grade): Rookie Genin (D-)
Village: Sunagaure
Specs: ???
Age: Thirteen

(RP Example.)

Yougan, Roku kneeled down, pressing his left hand against one out of a series of markings that had been embedded into the ground. He retracted the hand after a few seconds, lifting it up to his nose and taking a long sniff. It seemed that he had been tracking something. He studied the markings more thoroughly -- he noted that each marking had three identical stems that branched out from it's center. He looked up and noted that the markings had continued down a narrow path. He nodded to himself, sliding his bow off of his back and motioning down the path. He stopped a few yards away as his eyes settle upon his target, a fairly large boar -- A boar that had been drinking from a nearby pond. He smirked deviously, notching his bow with two arrows and firing them. The arrows shot through the air with great speed -- making them nearly invisible to the naked eye. Two seconds later, the boar tumbled onto it's side and screeched loudly.


It cried from the pain inflicted by the two projectiles. The man frowned, surging forward slowly -- making sure that the beast had been neutralized before getting any closer. He took his time, dividing two minutes carefully -- One of those two minutes were devoted to the boar, in order to properly bless them -- while the other was to hogtie it.

'' Farewell. ''

The man mused finally, turning and carrying the beast back down the path in which he had came.

(Why do you want this rank so badly?)

Being a Jinchuuriki is a pretty interesting thing to say the least. I wouldn't mind developing a character and promoting roleplay. I'm very active -- I'm on atleast once a day for atleast three hours -- longer if I don't have practice.

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