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Chunin Application.

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1Chunin Application. Empty Chunin Application. Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:20 pm


IC Name: Deko
Byond Key: Byojin
Skype : the dots except for the .com)
Rank (Grade): B-
Village: Kiri
Specs: Taijutsu/Medic/Elementalist(wind)
Age: 18

Deko chuckled whilst having his arms crossed, his eyes closed, his head slightly tilted forward and a bright white smile apparent on his face. Right now he appeared to be in a cocky state physically and mentally. The young adult opened his eyes, a confident glare being made from them. Today he felt like a true man's man."Uh yes, today is such a lovely day no doubt!-But why is that ya'll ask? Well I'll tell you." You fell silent to add upon the suspense. He casually raised his right hand up to the height of his chest and curled his fingers, forming a fist. He then clenched said fist."Today is the day that I show you all that I can be of use to you all!" Just what in the world was he talking about? He stared down what appeared to be a couple of bandits. Next to him stood his fellow villagers who had also arrived upon the scene to lay an almighty ass whooping. Deko created an audible pop sound with his neck before walking towards the bandits. He spoke with a smile,"Just rest your pretty heads while I take care of this by myself!"

Deko made a mad dash towards the closest bandit, relying on his speed and skills for his next action. In the middle of his run, he quickly spun around. Once he had completed the spin, gaining a large momentum from it, he launched one of his legs towards the bandit in order to kick them, applying force upon their chest or breastbone, aiming to fracture it and damage the ribs in order to easily incapacitate the enemy without any need of quarrels. What he hoped from damaging the chest was to give the bandit a hard time to breathe. The teen would have chuckled afterwards before mumbling something."Time to take them down in record time!" He went back to his dashing, however he had slipped over a banana peel, crashing onto the ground face first. After some time, he raised his head to look at the sweatdropping audience."Uuuuuh, I meant to do that!" He gave a big smile in the end.

(I want to be this rank because applying for Jounin would seem to be a little pressuring and it might give one a much lesser potential and I have already played the 'genin game' a couple of times, meaning that I should be experienced enough for the role of chunin. However, I don't want to become chunin just because of my experience but mainly because it's the perfect 'level' to compete with others. There will be challenges like e.g:facing a tailed beast. But hell, that's what makes things fun, no?)

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