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Jinchuriki Application

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1Jinchuriki Application Empty Jinchuriki Application Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:52 pm

Yo Boy Areus1

IC Name: Areus
Byond Key: Yazoomy1
Skype: N/a
Rank: Academy Student (E-)
Village: Konoha
Specialization: We'll see how IC goes.
Character Age: 15

Areus leans forwards in his seat so that he could better see the chart. He'd seen a few of these before. Whenever a shinobi did one of their unfathomable feats, they'd usually form some sort of hand sign before doing so. He'd taken it as some sort of gang related sign when he was unknowledgable on the subject, but it was now starting to make sense. Perhaps he'd be using them too. They all seem easy enough, though it'd be hard to form them immediately without making adjustments. That's what practice was for. First, he reads over the trivia, trying to get some more info on the subject.

Areus starts with the first seal on the chart -- Bird. From observation alone, Areus had a basic understanding of where his fingers would go. The pointer and middle fingers press against the finger of the same name on the opposite hand. They're prepped up to form a triangle like shape. The index fingers are crossed over each other, and are placed inside of that dome. Lastly, the thumbs are curled inwards and pressed against each other. Having to look up at the chart quite a few times, Areus eventually manages to complete the seal with decent accuracy. It'd pass as sub-par for any shinobi, sure. But, it'd taken him just under a minute to form it -- no where near practical. He'd definitely have to practice these more.

I want this jinchuriki position because I feel that it's a nice opportunity to bring exciting RP towards what seems to be a game with potential. As an RPer, I tend to try my best to involve others in RP no matter the cost. With this position I think I'll be able to bring forth an interesting character that will surely add some livelihood to the Konoha atmosphere.

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