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Mizukage application

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1Mizukage application Empty Mizukage application Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:24 pm


~Rank Application~
Name Ingame: Slyer, Sylvanna
Byond Key: Ineshi
Skype UN: you got it
Rank (Grade): Mizukage (A)
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: Combat medic and elemental ninjutsu
Age: 32

A woman with black hair and black eyes. The young adult is selfish. At the age of 12 she started to train as a medic. She treats wounds of the injured people inside the village. With a smile on her face. enjoying the fact that they were in pain. Ineshi doesn't like to use the shonen no jutsu. That is a healing method for weaklings inside her eyes. She thinks it is more fun to use some older healing methods without anesthetic.
If Ineshi isn't in the hospital or on the square she can be found in the bar. The adult has a bit of a drinking problem and things are getting fun if she is drunk.
The adult doesn't like children, But those kids are screaming or shouting her humor is cranky.
The adult is also skilled with the wakizashi and close-combat. She uses the taijutsu style of her own clan. they are focusing on breaking someone else his balance and give the final blow.

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