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Shiki Clan Application

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1Shiki Clan Application Empty Shiki Clan Application Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:55 am


IC Name: Jake
Byond Key: Alergy
Skype : Unicorn-monkey
Village: Kirigakure
Specials: The Shiki Clan, also referred to as the Steel Clan, due to their ability to turn into steel.

                                                        Shiki Clan Application 300px-Nature_Icon_Steel.svg

History: The Shiki Clan was a clan of great power, and a clan that used to meddle with wars a lot. Why? Because due to the ability of the clan, they weren't easily defeated. That's why most of the clan members eventually got a little too cocky and waged to wars, especially in the Shinobi War. A lot of clan members opposed to this, and there was growing conflict within the clan, but there rose a clan leader to power, who was named Hando; the first clan leader of the Shiki Clan. Hando was a leader not to be meddled with, and continued the course of war, blinded by greed and conquering. But, Hando was still a clan leader, and handled the conflict within the clan to the last bit, taking care of everyone who opposed him. Thus, the clan became at peace with themselves, and united as one. Although, as time passed, the world change. The world didn't have a place for a blood thirsty clan such as the Shiki clan nowadays, and so they came to their own end. The clan was almost entirely annihilated, and the clan leader which was called Hando, also passed away. The conflict within the clan began anew, and thus a wars between them began to break out. So, the clan was split up to several party's, each taking their own path. Some went to the Land of Iron, and other party's travelled to other places. Jake was eventually born in the Land of Water.

Ability's: The clan was a powerful clan yet fearful clan, not only to their war waging nature, but also because of their virtually undefeatable ability to turn their body into black steel by using the ability of their Kekkei Genkai, which is the Steel Release (鋼遁, Kōton; Viz "Steel Style") which allows them to perform a technique called the "Steel Release: Impervious Armour". A Clan Member is able to be born with the ability to turn into steel. If not, then that ability must be unlocked trough training. The clan members of the Shiki Clan are born with the Raiton and Doton element, as to show to their Kekkei Genkai.

Traits: The clan members of this clan have a variety of hair colors ranged from blue to white, some clan members even having gray hair, but most of the clan members appear to have cyan colored hair. A natural born clan member of the Shiki clan is usually skinny, yet slightly naturally toned.

Why do I want this clan so much? I thought it'd be cool to make a custom clan in Kirigakure like this, and to create RP with the clan.

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2Shiki Clan Application Empty Re: Shiki Clan Application Mon Oct 27, 2014 5:50 pm



First approval

Needed to complete Clan app for full approval

More detail and backstory. I want this application to shine and get me off.

More depth then "We use steel release, were good at it"

Icons for all jutsu's and their states (Also a brief description to what each jutsu does)

Perks that will be relevant to the clan (I.E - Skill Mastery, Unique mastery, Ect.)

Perk SKill cards (a base example will be provided upon request)

3Shiki Clan Application Empty Basic Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:31 pm


They basically use a jutsu to tur their body into black steel and that's pretty much it.

4Shiki Clan Application Empty Re: Shiki Clan Application Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:41 pm


What else is needed? I don't like understand mate.

5Shiki Clan Application Empty Re: Shiki Clan Application Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:11 pm

Spear Knight

This is my denial.

However, this can be redone. It needs to focus in on a new style of steel release, rather than the version of the movie, meaning you'll need to come up with custom jutsus. For a suggestion, think along the lines of "metal manipulation".

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