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Clan Application for Sunagakure (Jiki : Iron Sand Manipulation)

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IC Name: Reiku
Byond Key: Kevingervais
Skype : (None)
Village: Sunagakure
Specials: Kenjutsu
Clan I'm Applying For: Jiki Clan

(RP Example.)
[I did a small one again just to show a little of what I'd be like if I was skilled at Iron Sand manipulation.
Reiku was blown away by the explosion sending him skidding into the ground. Reiku pushed himself up but the enemy seemed to already by right on top of him! Reiku quickly thrusted his hand forward and some Iron sand rushed towards the enemy at incredible speed! The enemy quickly backed away and threw three shuriken Reiku's way. Reiku raised his hand and formed three Iron sand shuriken. He then sent them towards the other three shuriken and the countered each other. Reiku formed a giant hand made of iron sand and sent if crashing down towards the enemy. The enemy dodged and through a kunai with paper that had an explosive tag latched on to it. The Tag got danerously close to Reiku so he covered himself in a ball of dense iron sand . The sphere Reiku was in shook at the enemy through many explosive tags at it. Reiku was gathering his chakra for one last plan. Reiku summoned a iron sand clone of himself inside the sphere and began to set his plan into motion. He took down the sphere around him which was a huge relief to him and sent his clone rushing towards the enemy while he rushed behind it sticking to the clone like a shadow. The enemy sent an explosive tag attached to a kunai at it and the clone exploded reverting to sand. The sand flew everywhere and lingered around. You had to squint so it wouldn't get in your eyes but the enemy didn't know that and his eyes shut as sand got in his eyes. At that moment Reiku leaped into the air and looked around for a clear shot. Once he found his shot he screamed out,"It's over!" As he said this he threw a lance made of dense iron sand and it impaled the enemy and stabbed into the ground. Reiku fell to the ground to catch his breath and restore his chakra. He had to leave soon and report this to his squad. Reiku smiled, glad he survived to live another day.

(Why do you want this clan so much?)
I want this clan a lot because for RP purposes if I had it it would get my friends talking about me then it might spread and other people may want to RP with me thus creating more RP to happen. At least I hope that's what the chain reaction would be like.

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