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Tsuri Clan Creation Application

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1Tsuri Clan Creation Application Empty Tsuri Clan Creation Application Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:54 pm


IC Name:Tsuri, Hasu.
Byond Key:4will4
Skype : Masmik30
Village: Sunagakure
(Note : I have the Jutsu icons and i'll send them over Skype.)

Tsuri Clan Creation Application Fuuton10

The Tsuri Clan resides in Sunagakure. It's members, regardless of their occupation or talents, are born with an extremely high potential as far as the Fuuton Element goes. Mastering the Element for them is much easier than anything else a Tsuri Clan member could try to do, and they excel at it's shaping, and manipulation. Their roots can be traced back to rather ancient times, and they had migrated to Sunagakure from a land not far away about a century ago. They had been kicked out from the Land that they lived in, which consisted mostly of Katon users. They were an oddity there, and since their Element overpowered Katon, especially with such an adept mastery over the Element, and so they were banished due to being such a threat. As a result they made their way to Sunagakure, and quite a bit of Sunagakure's Fuuton Jutsu were passed down by Tsuri clan members, which explains a bit of the dominance that Wind style has in the Land of Wind. Most of it's members are very close, as the Clan is small in comparison to some others, and so teamwork, and friendship are very high-held values to most Tsuri.
--Custom Perks--
                                                                            --- Tsuri Clan Creation Application 153u0ye_th---
Tsuri Wind Elemental Training : The Tsuri Clan is born with a Chakra nature fit for the manipulation of Fuuton, and excels at it's use. This particular Shinobi has trained quite a bit in it's usage. Their Wind Jutsu are much more powerful than a normal Shinobi's, and they have extremely little to no drain on their Chakra when using it. (You can make this as hard to get as you wish as far as logging goes for the Clan.)
Hidden Jutsu
The Jutsu isn't hidden in the aspect that no other Clan can perform it, but the natural affinity to Fuuton a Tsuri possesses makes it much easier, and practical to use this Jutsu.

Wind Disk No Jutsu: The Wind Disk is a circular collection of Fuuton Chakra just a bit larger than a Shuriken. The seals are as follows; Bird, Ram, Monkey, Ox. After the Chakra is shaped by the seals, the Fuuton Chakra can be formed into the Wind Disk between the index finger, and thumb, and be thrown much like a Shuriken, but at wind-enhanced speed, and cutting power. (You can tier this however you want, it's pretty strong so, i'd make it rather hard to log for, especially since it's a custom Jutsu.)

Guided Wind Disk No Jutsu: A Shinobi who has mastered the Wind Disk No Jutsu to an extremely high degree can eventually use their Fuuton for a much stronger Jutsu. The Guided Wind Disk No Jutsu is a singular, but larger version of the Wind Disk No Jutsu. The seals are Monkey, Bird, Ram, Ox, Dog. After the Chakra is shaped, this larger version of the Wind Disk must be formed between both hands, and thrown forward with a single hand. The user can then manipulate the wind around the Disk to guide it, but every time a turn is made, the Jutsu loses a bit of it's edge, and becomes slightly weaker.

Clan Symbol:
Tsuri Clan Creation Application 29ehav_th

Current Members:
Tsuri, Hasu.
Tsuri, Karii.
Tsuri, Gri.
Tsuri, Toshiro.
Tsuri, Koe.

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