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Sunagakure Chuunin application

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1Sunagakure Chuunin application Empty Sunagakure Chuunin application Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:54 pm


IC Name: Kaori
Byond Key: PsychoKitten123
Skype:(Ask on pager on in game)
Rank (Grade): Chuunin B
Village: Sunagakure
Specs: Iron Sand Manipulation
Age: 16

Kaori simply nodded at the Hokage, rolling up the scroll as the Hokage handed it to her. This scroll was a peace treaty with the Land of Grass, which would serve as a great purpose as of now seeing as how the Lands of Fire and Grass weren't on great terms now. "I hope my Genin Squad is going to be okay on their mission..." Kaori sighed. She turned around, and she was soon off and out of the Hokage's Mansion and towards the Village Gate. Kaori knew it was going to be a heck of a journey, so she had already packed. Kaori then dashed onto a tree, hopping from tree to tree as she made her way in the general direction of the Land of Grass. Within a few days, Kaori was there. She heard some static on her radio; she then started to rummage through her pocket and took the radio out. Kaori turned the switch and soon heard her Genin squad. "Are you guys okay over there?" Kaori asked warily, getting a reply rather quickly. "Yes, everything's doing fine, we're doing good Kaori Sensei!" one of the Genin told her. "Be careful, guys. I don't want to risk your lives..." Kaori simply got a "Yes" from all of them. Kaori made her way towards the inner workings of the land, which took about another day or two.

As she neared the area of the Daimyo, Kaori suddenly received a redo call. "!! We're near the outskirts of the Land of Grass. Come Quickly!" Kaori's eyes suddenly sparked up, as she grabbed onto her radio and immediately spoke back, "Prolong the battle long enough until I get there!' she looked at the scroll in her hand, and then out towards the outer parts of the Land of Grass, as she had to choose which one to do first. "Hmph, my Genin over the Land of Grass. No matter what!" Kaori suddenly darted off with immense speed towards the outskirts of the village, placing the treaty in her back pocket. She had a specific locator on one of the Genin so she could easily track them. The young adult took out a little pod, which navigated Kaori in their directions. "I'm going to get those guys, just hang on tight!" Kaori whispered to herself. After another a day, Kaori finally reached her Genin. One was injured, and the other two hid in a bush as the enemies scouted the area. "Okay guys, I'm here."

"Finally. We're going up against a Chuunin and a very advanced Genin. They're both from the Land of Grass. That's what I got from all of this," the Genin said. Kaori sighed, as she walked right out into the open for the ninja to attack. The advanced genin came out of the tree’s wielding a kunai in his right hand. At that moment, Kaori quickly rotated grabbing three shuriken. Using the momentum from the spin, she threw the shuriken. As expected, the genin deflected these shuriken. “Typical. . .” Kaori muttered to herself, as she shunshined behind the genin. Kaori quickly swiped the man with a kunai on his neck. The man dropped straight to the floor and his head rolled off slowly. The chuunin then appeared behind Kaori, kicking her backwards with force. “You killed my student. Now I kill you!” the man yelled as he charged for Kaori. At that moment, Kaori knew that she had to go serious. Kaori widened her eyes. A quick glimmer of the sunlight appeared in her eyes as she gave the opposing chuunin a cold icy stare. Kaori quickly dashed towards the man, rotating to perform a spinning kick. Kaori’s attempted kick was quickly countered with a return kick. They then sent a barrage of punches to one another tiring each other out with every blow. The man quickly dodged one of Kaori’s attacks simply, following with a kick on her arm which sent her backwards.

The cal-citrate of the blow sent her spiralling backwards, making her collide with the floor, creating a line of dust before her. Kaori panted heavily as she clutched onto his left arm. “Is that all you’ve got, I haven’t even started yet!” she’d dash towards the chuunin, clenching her fists tightly. As she got into a close range, she quickly extended her right arm, attempting to punch the man square in the stomach. The punch was easily caught, and countered. Kaori was then hit in the stomach, by the powerful force of the opponents’ knee. This caused Kaori to be lifted up into the air. She was then sent, spiralling towards the tree, behind her. The bandit then rushed towards Kaori attempting to kick her in the head. Kaori was unable to dodge the attack, but was prepared to take the hit full on. The attack knocked Kaori back once again, sending her flying back. Kaori then made a flip while, in the air. She landed on one knee and one foot. She quickly wiped her forehead, as a drop of blood seeped down all the way down onto her lips. Kaori ascended, looking straight towards the man. Kaori gasped loudly as she affrightedly shut her eyes tight. A blue coloured water shot was sent towards Kaori and there was almost nothing she was able to do.  She extended her index and middle finger, grabbing it with the palm of his other hand.  Kaori inhaled, and quickly exhaled as she began to muster chakra from within her. All of a sudden, the sand that was within a gourd that was placed on her back quickly raised upwards, getting released from the open hole that was at the top. The sand swiftly rotated around her, to the form some sort of structured sand shield in front of her.

The sand soon dispersed due to the water softening it, but it was able to withstand all of the force allowing Kaori to be unharmed. “I’ve allowed you to live for long enough.” Kaori mumbled to herself as she quickly extended her right arm towards the man. The gourd began to rumble as a sizeable amount of sand raised from the hole, charging towards the chuunin with an incredible amount of speed. The sand wrapped around the man’s body, resembling some sort of snake. “Die.” Kaori stated with a slight crack in her voice. While saying this, she began to clench her fist, as some sort of signal for the sand to tighten. A crackle from the man’s bones began to echo, an eventually he died. Kaori quickly turned towards her genin subordinates. The one injured member of the squad had been bandaged up by the other two, and was on the process of being heal. “Good, now we can head to the great immediately, we’ve already waste some time, so we need to hurry.” Taking the injured boy onto her back, she hopped onto a tree, jumping from one to another, making sure she wasn’t too fast for the others. Within a day, they had reached their destination and handed the scroll to the required target.  With this completed, they headed back towards their own village to report the mission. “Mission Accomplished.”


I want this rank because I feel that I am very experienced at handling with it and that I will be able to bring RP as this rank.

2Sunagakure Chuunin application Empty Re: Sunagakure Chuunin application Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:58 pm




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