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Jounin RP for Konoha.

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1Jounin RP for Konoha. Empty Jounin RP for Konoha. Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:32 pm


|| IC Name ||
Nara, Sayo

|| Byond Key ||

|| Skype ||

||Rank (Grade)||

|| Village ||
Konohagakure(Village Hidden in the Leaves)

|| Specs ||
None yet. Will go for Fuinjutsu, Assassination Skills and Elementalist.

|| Age ||

|| RP Example ||



They all were running through her head just a moment ago, yet when she really needed them they seemed to elude her mind. Everything about her seemed to yell "Novice!" as she shook slightly before clearing her head as she eyed her target. A S-Ranked missing-nin from Kumogakure stood in the midst of the street in Tanzaku Town, having felt someone following him. As Sayo crouched on the roof of the restaurant, she gave a slight snort at the man. Instead of looking for her he seemed to be trashing the area around him. She sighed to herself before nodding.

Her thoughts filled with images of her genin team, waiting for her back home. She sighed to herself as she glanced back at the S-Ranked ninja, having forgotten one of the biggest rules you studied when you became a ninja:- never to take your eyes of your opponent. She smirked, her nerves having calmed down, as she turned around and drawled in a calm tune. "Well, well, well." she said, as she stared at Zamono Kanki, her opponent. He was a strongly muscled guy, in direct contrast to her lithe body, and was heavily tanned. Her smirk not leaving her face she took two steps forward, making him step forward as well. The man seemed to be fighting her. Sayo had automatically put up her Shadow Possession Technique when she felt Zamono appear behind her.

Sayo still felt slightly nervous, but the thrill of the hunt had filled her with adrenaline. She was running on instincts now, purely. She ignored him as he tried to speak, before quickly dipping her hand towards her knee, where he kept his shuriken and kunai. She then acted as if she was grabbing a Kunai, when her hand was actually empty. She nodded slightly to herself before closing her eyes and mimicking a stabbing motion, feeling the squelch of blood as it hit her. She sighed before wiping herself as the person dropped to the ground, dead. Her chakra was nearly depleted from keeping a S-Rank missing nin captive, but it had worked out. She picked up the scroll from the seal on his hand as she pushed some chakra into it, smiling as she verified it. The visage of her genin team, her one true family, shined in her mind as she began her trek back to Konoha.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
I want to be a Jounin due to the simple fact that people gravitate to important ranks and provide them, and themselves, more RP. As a Jounin I can create RP for the village, and taking on a genin team and RPing with them, teaching them, will all be a fun experience.

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