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Sunagakure Jounin

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1Sunagakure Jounin Empty Sunagakure Jounin Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:15 pm


IC Name: Kitetsu, Tyoura.
Byond Key: RevolutionarySubstance.
Skype : ed.diaz.zarex.
Rank (Grade): Jounin B
Village: Sunagakure.
Specs: Elementalist and Genjutsu.
Age: 17

(RP Example.)
(*Nara, Isumo | | Topic; Fighting against the Kazekage and Sunagakure Jonin since they killed the Hokage.

Isumo was trying to comprehend the Hokage's death - Konohagakure's leader - but didn't manage to comprehend in the end.
He is standing before the Kazekage and a Sunagakure Jonin, two seasoned shinobi.
- In a desert near Sunagakure.
- The temperature is at it's hottest, causing beads of sweat to form on the three combatant's forehead, the beads of sweat slide down to their cheeks and eventually drip off of their chin, combatants; Isumo, Kazekage and Sunagakure's Jonin.

"Damn it, I couldn't protect you Lord Hokage," Isumo says, sadness can be heard from his tone also a tad of anger and his visage appears to be that of a sad child's.

The Kazekage releases a confident chuckle, the chuckle lasting for ten seconds before finishing it's course. "He was a weak leader anyway, it doesn't really matter! I did Konohagakure a favor!" The Kazekage shouts, excitement in his tone!

The Sunagakure Jonin doesn't do anything of the sort, just prepares herself by lowering a hand down to her kunai holster, opening it and then removing a kunai, she's holding it by sliding a finger into the kunai's hoop.
Isumo listens to The Kazekage's words, the tad of anger that was unleashed was now increasing in potency.
- Adrenaline is pumping in his blood like crazy, his dark skin tone appearing to change into a red color but still adorning it's brown-milky tone.
- His orange eyes appear to be serious, as his visage - turning from a sad visage to a serious.

"You'll pay. ." He mutters, then raises his hands up to his chest, sticking them together.
He begins to motion his hands - performing handseals - chakra churning in his core, hitting all of his core's corners as if it was a wildfire, the chakra is kneading furthermore.
He finishes with the handseals - they're performed, neatly - the chakra is kneaded and molded!

The Kazekage was watching Isumo perform handseals until Isumo had reached the second handseal, The Kazekage jolts off of his left foot, turning his body to the right during the process. The Kazekage begins to sprint towards the right, the Sunagakure Jonin following behind - like a shadow.

Isumo brings his left hand up to his lips, forming a circle out of his fingers, inhaling a portion of oxygen and then exhaling it, a grand fireball being expelled, out of pure chakra.
- It's hot in temperature, being able to turn anything in it's path to ash.
- Is heading towards the Sunagakure shinobi direction.
- Causes a big shadow to form under it.
- Blocks Isumo from the shinobi's line of vision.

The Kazekage's eyes widen at the grand fireball that was being delivered, in his direction - it was time for him to beat it with his raw speed.
He picks up the speed, as well as the Sunagakure Jonin but what they didn't know was that Isumo performed a singular handseal, while being hidden behind the grand fireball's structure.
Isumo's shadow begins to extend towards the grand fireball's, as Isumo's shadow arrives, it merges with the grand fireball's and then two shadows escape from the grand fireball, heading towards the Sunagakure shinobi.

...                             "Leave from this world and enter the pits of hell!" Isumo shouts from behind the grand fireball that is slowly heading north.
The two shadows that split away from the grand fireball had individually merged with the Sunagakure shinobi.
- One shadow merges with the Kazekage's shadow, causing him to freeze in his tracks.
- Another shadow merges with the Sunagakure jonin's shadow, causing her to freeze in her tracks.

The Kazekage is surprised by his inability to move, as well as the Sunagakure jonin.

<Damn it, I let my guard down!> The Kazekage shouts inwardly!
Isumo seperates his hands from each other then stick them back together a second later, forming another handseal.

Something abnormal happens to the shadows, a hand escapes the shadows' possession and rises up to The Kazekage's neck and the Sunagakure jonin's neck!
The hand begins to squeeze on their necks, attempting to choke them to death.

... - It took a minute for the Sunagakure shinobi to meet their demise by Isumo's technique that was plan strategically!

"Lord Hokage, as Konohagakure's Jonin. I will protect the village. . and. . bring it to it's golden age."


(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
** Last time I applied for this rank, I was declined probably because I didn't insert a role play example but this time I have one.

I want to be this rank because I feel as if I can establish role play in the community, I mean it. I want to do a lot of stuff that happened on the anime/manga of Naruto, it'll be a fun experience for me. I have been role playing for two years now, I hope that I'm good enough in your eyes.

Also, I constantly log on so I won't be as inactive as others, thank you.

2Sunagakure Jounin Empty Re: Sunagakure Jounin Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:52 pm




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