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Jounin Rank RP

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1Jounin Rank RP Empty Jounin Rank RP Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:57 pm


IC Name:Uchiha, Kuran
Byond Key:Zygman
Skype :Mamutras
Rank (Grade):Currently Citizen (E), I want to go for Jounin (A)
Village: Konohagakure
Specs: Half Gen/ Half Nin

(RP Example.)
Not sure what size, I'll do a small one, Though it will be just like a go for clan rp.
Kuran unhooded himself, Eyeing the students one by one. He tried to catch glimpses of their personalities by their look and standing pose. He finds out one of them seems to be an optimisic go get her type of guy due to his smile on his face and clenched fists which are raised in front of himself. He then looks at the other genin, Seeing a poker face and half closed eyes. He can see that this genin is selfish and a loner, It'll be hard to get him used to teamwork but he was ready to teach him with the best of his ability nonetheless. Now the last genin, The last genin looked like in between, He has neither a frown nor smile. He is just waiting for his first mission, An average shinobi. Kuran has seen worse genin teams and this'll do. In his pockets were three kunai. He grasped for all three of them, Taking them out swiftly from his pocket and throwing them at each shinobi. The optimistic shinobi jumped out of the way. The loner simply titled his head which was enough to dodge it. The normal shinobi simply ducked over it. Good reflexes for this team. He still had to find a way to test their teamwork. He got an idea. He started setting up poles on which the team would have to use to get to the other side by walking on them. On the other side was Kuran, Throwing Kunai's at each single one of them. He wanted to see if they could use teamwork to get to the other side by helping each other block kunai. He told them of what was going on and decided to start. As they jumped from one to the next, He threw kunai. It seems that the loner stood behind, Throwing kunai's of his own to block the kunai coming at them. Hm, Maybe Kuran underestimated him, Or he just knows that if he doesn't use teamwork then he will never become a jounin like yours truly.He kept throwing kunai at all, The loner throwing his own as the others moved from pole to pole. After 30 seconds, He saw that two made it across, The loner stood behind. He said to the loner: "Alright, Know this. You did a good job helping your teammates but it would take too much time for them to get to you if you stood behind and the enemy was chasing you, If you could do what you did while keeping up with them then you'll become a great shinobi, I know it." The loner smirked, Noting what his squad leader said. Kuran then clapped, Noting their teamwork. He didn't bother with more tests, He wanted to test them on the field and that will come later.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
Well, This is an academy wipe, Genin will graduate and who's there to command them? No one unless others are going for Jounin. I want to make sure that the RP doesn't end at Genin. I want to command over a squad and help the squad genin develop further. This will be my first time as a squad leader but I think I can do a good job if i try enough. Maybe in the future, Those genin will surpass me and i'll be proud that people who started from academy ended up above me. I'll probably stay Jounin for the whole wipe till new chars are made. Simple reason really.

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2Jounin Rank RP Empty Re: Jounin Rank RP Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:00 pm


Awsome App, I like it a lot. Hope you get the position you are wanting, good luck to ya.

3Jounin Rank RP Empty Re: Jounin Rank RP Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:25 am



You can not choose "Clan" As a basis for your rank app. Uchiha will -NOT- be getting Sharingan as part of their starter Setup. If this dissuades you from the rank I am sorry.

4Jounin Rank RP Empty Re: Jounin Rank RP Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:19 pm


I dont care about sharingan. I'll get it fair and square when my char gets emotional about something. I understand about no sharingan.

5Jounin Rank RP Empty Re: Jounin Rank RP Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:39 pm


I like it. Most poeple seem to want starter for power. This guy simply wants to allow it to flow, and let people supress him.

6Jounin Rank RP Empty Re: Jounin Rank RP Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:38 pm



Your application has been approved. Please log and GM the link to your forum posting for proof. You'll be given your setup after.

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