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1Jounin App Empty Jounin App Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:26 pm


IC Name: Uchiha, Shen (Kept Rolling Uchiha..I just want Senju Yo)
Byond Key: Diksquirter
Skype :
Rank (Grade): Jounin A/B rank
Village: Konohagakure
Specs: Elementalist (Need to know my element first pls and thanks)/ Secondary Taijutsu
Age: 18

(RP Example.)

As the wall rose up behind Zau, he smiled-he couldn't see or hear the wall, but he could feel the wall rise up. As the smoke thickened, and just as the wall got settled into place, Zau fell forward on his face-and sunk through the earth with Dochu Eigyo, the spikes launching out at where his body used to be. Zau stopped producing smoke and instead moved forward through the earth, his Crypt Seekers removing the range limitation, allowing Zau to move at his own speed through the earth. Zau would move unseen through the earth towards Ulrich as his smoke dispersed, revealing Ulrich's spike trap to be entirely empty, and, perhaps more worrisome, to reveal that Zau was nowhere to be seen.

Even if Ulrich knew of Dochu Eigyo, he would also expect Zau to be restrained by the techniques normal limits-once he got past the first six feet, which would have been finished before the smoke even cleared, there would be very little reason for Ulrich to suspect Zau to be underground and near him. Zau would continue approaching until he was actually behind Ulrich. Only then would he rise out of the ground, rapidly striking with Kemurijutsu, just after activating a single seal. Zau's fist would shoot forward, and from his fist would come a blast of smoke-but not normal smoke. This smoke was as hot as fire, and would burn Ulrich just as painfully as the standard element. If Zau missed though, it wouldn't all be for naught-he would be much closer to his target at this range, and that could make all the difference.

There was also the fact that the seal he activated was for Fenikkusu no Hirate Bujutsu-he could make his arms snap to a new position almost immediately to release additional waves if Ulrich dodged-and his Heat Sense was very reactive right now, due to his Smoke Sash lowered from earlier. Basically, Zau could almost certainly react as quickly, if not faster, than Ulrich could.

Not bad, for a blind man.

Zau's technique didn't work, apparently-and not just that, but there were clones about now, and each one was aiming at him. Well, Zau didn't quite feel like dealing with a four-pronged attack, so he instead hopped backwards away from the water blast. Of course, the blast would still hit him-but he'd rather take the pressurized water than the fire and blades. The water knocked Zau backwards, and he could feel before he even hit the ground again that he would have a bruise in the morning-but it may have just been worth it. Zau rolled to his feet and thrust both arms out, activating his Seal of Quality and releasing twin 60 meter blasts of Kemurijutsu, each aiming at one of the clones-specifically, the clone that had shot the fire and the clone that had shot the wind. He would have been at angles to both of them, and directly across from the water user. Of course, there were also two other clones unaccounted for-but he'd deal with that in it's own due time. One of them had used earth, and the other, presumably, if the pattern held, would be a lightning user.

Of course, if Zau had been using his eyes, it would be easier-he wouldn't have actively memorize which clone had done what, because the colors would make everything very obvious. That was probably the only flaw with the Heat Sense-for all it's accuracy and versatility, color was beyond it entirely.

Zau shot twin bursts from his feet with Fenikkusu no Hirate Bujutsu and maintained the smoke bursts, easily transitioning to his flight jutsu, Fenikkusu no Hirate. Zau took to the skies, his feet ejecting smoke powerful enough to lift him into the air. It wasn't as fast as running, but against so many foes, the advantage of a third dimension could not be underestimated.

The blasts of smoke the two clones had to deal with would come rather quickly-and, due to the seal of quality, would be massive, as well as intensely hot. If the clones were struck by those twin A-rank attacks, they almost definitely would be destroyed right then and there. Of course, that would only be two clones down; Zau would still have the original Ulrich, as well as the other three clones, to deal with.

So, he intends to use clones...I see. They've used different elements each. I counted four so far. He has four elements? If the rumors are true, he has more than that. Which are the worst for you? I'd say maybe water and whatever the last one is. I have the Fire, Earth, and Wind elements myself. I know them fairly well. I don't know the other elements. Well, deal with them as they come, I suppose.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)

Love to create rp. I will do so and continue to stay active. Been a rank on Era so its not too hard for me to get in the groove. Ready to play Some New Dynasty bitches..

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