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Konoha Jinchuriki App

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1Konoha Jinchuriki App Empty Konoha Jinchuriki App Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:26 pm


IC Name: Aversa
Byond Key: Devoin
Skype : sofiasapphire
Rank (Grade): Student (E)
Village: Konoha
Specs: More than likely general unless persuaded or shown a field she finds herself excelling in.
Age: 15

(RP Example.) - Aversa sat perched upward slightly upon the wooden chair, it had obvious signs of age, having splinters and cracks gearing from the bottom-up. Her warm red eyes stared forth at the older individual, a dark-skinned jounin who had a linear vertical scar running across the left side of his face. Feeling of hate and disgust filled the air between the duo. Crinkling up a nose, she lifted up her finger scratching at the surface of it while she took a small sniff of the air. "Such a foul odor and this coming from him?" Aversa thought, shaking her head in disbelief. Had he actually produced such a foul odor?

Meanwhile despite the circumstances surrounding Aversa the older dark-skinned jounin, Misuko. He had known Aversa to be a kind-sweet and caring girl since the moment she entered the academy, but ever since she became a genin and grew to adolescent he had started to notice some changes. "Are you so vulgar now Aversa, that you would litter your own pants!??" The man now announced abruptly finally spilling the issue he had been con-tempting over, the mere and only reason he had shown such a sign of disgust to the kunoichi.

Wrinkling her nose, Aversa chuckled, holding a small sheepish grin upon her face, one that soon etched into a frown. "Baka! How dare you think I would do that!? Have you not considered that maybe it was your best friend! LOOK AROUND STUPID!" Aversa yelled back at Misuko, she was obviously hurt from the mere thought of Misuko believing for a moment that she did this. But could she blame herself, Misuko was like a big brother to her. A obnoxiously stupid one, one that was within the most unlike clan to Aversa... an Uchiha.

Raising onto her feet, Aversa groaned, flicking her long black hair backwards happy to finally find the source of the odor, yet disturbed by Misuko rude comment, which could of been defiled by her tightened brow. "You know what? Enjoy your best friend. Don't talk to me! So disrespectful to even think or assume I would do that! Where did you learn your manners Misuko! Foul Academy for Foul Kids!?"

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?) = It would be interesting to roleplay. And it'll be fun to help introduce them into the wipe with peers of similar shinobi from other nations or settlements.

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