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Jounin Application for Sunagakure

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1Jounin Application for Sunagakure Empty Jounin Application for Sunagakure Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:33 am


IC Name: Reiku
Byond Key: Kevingervais
Skype : (None)
Rank (Grade): Citizen (E)
Village: Sunagakure
Specs: Kenjutsu
Age: 14

(RP Example.)
[I'll do a small one. Just a little something.]
Reiku pushed himself up from the ground and staggered to his feet. His legs were shaking but he used his sword to stand. This Rogue Shinobi was tough! Reiki gathered the strength for himself to pull up his sword and face it towards the Rogue. The Rouge swayed to the right then the left then dashed towards Reiki throwing shuriken and kunai Reiku's way while running. Reiku stabbed his sword in the ground and balanced on it with one hand and then spun around ontop the sword and came to balance on one foot to dodge the shuriken and Kunai. The rogue came in real close and Reiku then backstepped away then threw shuriken and front of him. The rogue dodged to the left but as his did this Reiki through Kunai towards his feet but the rogue jumped! Reiku was planning on that and he pushed forward with his both hands on the hilt on his sword. He screamed out as his sword penetrated through his chest. Reiku pulled his sword out and smiled. He protected his village and he lumped the body over his soldier to bring it to the leader

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
I want this rank a lot because since there aren't many Suna people, I want to try and add some more RP to the village and still make it exciting for everyone. When you have a rank it seems to make people went to speak to you and such if if I interact with everyone, hopefully it'll be fun in Sunagakure.

2Jounin Application for Sunagakure Empty Re: Jounin Application for Sunagakure Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:46 am



I'm sorry, but all the Jounin spots for Sunagakure have filled. You're welcome to take a Chuunin position, however, if you like.

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