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Jounin/Chuunin Application

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1Jounin/Chuunin Application Empty Jounin/Chuunin Application Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:36 pm

Kaguya, Kaminari

IC Name: Kaguya, Kaminari
Byond Key: Gaara777
Skype : DeathByHeart12
Rank (Grade): Chuunin (C[+]) or Jounin (B[+])
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: Clan Spec/Kenjutsu Spec

(RP Example.)
Around mid-day, the sun shown bright upon the village hidden in the mist, a large animal flew over head as it let out a squawking noise that bellowed in the area. With a sigh the Jounin would look up before placing his fingers to his mouth blowing through them letting out a high pitched whistle, the bird flew down with a case in between its talons. It landed upon his shoulders, where he pulled a paper from the casing and it flew off.

He took a slight moment to read the note, in which stated the summons of him and his team to the Mizukage’s manor. Turning to his team he’d say with great authority in his voice “Report to the Mizukage immediately, we have been summoned” His students hard at work in order to train themselves better turned around. With a bow they then turned off to the Mizukage’s manor and sprinted off. In which he as well had done.

Once there, he took the lead with the young shinobi following him inside, as they approached the Mizukage he dropped to one knee bowing his head down.  Once given the order to take his stand, he did as the leader of the great lands explained to him about their newest mission. As the Kage explained, a tall well built man in his mid forties walked up. He scowled as he looked over the group with disgust. With a sigh he so rudely interrupted “So this is the team you sent to escort me back home? What a joke, sending a bunch of kids to do a mans job. . .”

They argued for awhile before the man gave in and they took off on their journey. To the young jounin leader, this mission seemed to be a walk in the park, when suddenly half way to their destination, one of the young genin picked up on movements not far to the east of their resting location. From their report the people were closing in fast. With a simple command, the shinobi surrounded the man as they appeared.

The enemy snarled as they ordered us to give up the man, our mission was to protect him so of coarse this didn’t happen. Soon enough they opened battle by throwing out shuriken in attempts to injure the captain, but due to his years of training a keen reflexes, he countered by lifting his hand towards the incoming projectiles shooting out a hard white substance, they flew like bullets easily knocking the shuriken away and moving to strike the enemy in the chest.

Though, they had some experience behind them as well easily dodging the bone bullets. With a sigh he motioned forwards as one of his students formed a few hand seals.  The chain was small as nothing seemed to happen, but to the men before them, a ferocious blizzard would manifest and cut their vision. Soon as the look of shock filled their face, another one stepped forwards reaching into their vest pulling out three kunai knifes, upon each of them rested a sheet of paper.

He threw them with some degree of accuracy quickly impaling them in their legs. Forming the tiger seal the paper exploded ripping at least of their legs off setting them free from the Genjutsu and seriously injured. The jounin captain stepped forwards asking them if they had any last words as he pulled a long sharp structure from his forearm. Soon as they finished pleading for their life,  in a single motion, he cut the throats of the men as they continued walking with no further interruptions.

Once back in Kirigakure, he would send in his mission report in full detail. Soon as that was finished he gave the order for the youth of this nation to take the rest of the day off.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
Because, I am an active player that would fit the role in which to guide both new and old players to a better experience inwhich to better their characters and hone their RP skills, I would like to be given the chance to prove that the smaller nations of the game can arise from the depths and take charge. I also have a lot of experience as Jounin and leader ranks in other games and would like to use that experience to give a safe well rounded environment for the players.

2Jounin/Chuunin Application Empty Re: Jounin/Chuunin Application Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:05 pm



Your application has been approved (Jounin). Please log and GM the link to your forum posting for proof. You'll be given your setup after.

Enjoy your RP!

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