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Kiri Chuunin

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1Kiri Chuunin Empty Kiri Chuunin Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:52 pm


IC Name: Hiroshi, Kiyo
Byond Key: foxninja1777
Skype : foxninja1777
Rank (Grade): Chuunin(B-)
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: Kenjutsu
Age: 14

(RP Example.)

Doing several flips, Kiyo would land onto the ground in front of a army of shinobi, his piercing eye's would stare at them with disgust, they had battered children and woman just for the fun of it, his temper would reach its climax as his emotionless face would stare them down in disgust, he could hear screams as the opposing shinobi stared him down as well. "Look it's the red swift!" one cried, "Let’s kill him and make ourselves known!" another screeched, as they charged forward, Kiyo would dash forward also, in blinding speed might I add. He would begin to fight them off one by one, slamming his foot into one, he would knock him out, he would do several flips before spreading both of his feet out sending to earth cracking kicks at two rock village shinobi, feeling a slight pain run through his spine, Kiyo would cock his head backwards, seeing another shinobi who looked like he was somewhat proficient in bojutsu, he would quickly jump out of the way of a kunai as another one would appear right beside him, slamming an earth hardened blow to his ribs. As he was sent flying, Kiyo would send chakra to his feet before trying to stop himself from being sent back, as he stopped he would feel the ground around him rumble as his sensor ability detected chakra being built underground, Kiyo would use the already exercised chakra in his feet to knock himself into the air as the ground underneath him produced earth spikes, he would sigh in relief letting his guard down once again, another rock ninja would send an earth styled fist into him, sending him crashing into the ground, luckily away a bit away from the earth spikes. Kiyo Picked himself off the ground, he would wipe the dust off himself, he would inhale and exhale slowly, if he was angry he wouldn’t be able to focus so as he paced himself, he would look upwards, he would pull his hand into a one-handed ram seal as the gravity seal would disappear, making his body much lighter than it was before, two tattoo’s would make itself known on both sides of his shoulders as a descending spiral, much like the ones shown on konoha anbu’s shoulder’s. Kiyo would dash forward, faster than he was before as he began to knock away the rock ninja with just his speed enhanced fist alone, he would break through their forces, with ease. He would then jump backwards as a multiple shuriken would hit where he was previously, he would cock his head backwards as another rain of shinobi came his way, he would duck under a punch and back flip over another, he would parry a few punches as he sent a few of his own back to the attacker, he would cock his head to the right as another one tried and hit him with a kunai and would do kick another one straight in the gut, he would draw his sword, grazing ones skin as he quickly dashed to the side, pluming his blade into another ones gut, he would dash forward, kicking and punching anyone that got in his way, as multiple kunai came his way he would pick up a dead shinobi and using his back as a shield before throwing him away and castrating the thrower, he would DODGE again to the side as a fire jutsu came his way and would cast a few handseals of himself, muttering, “Swift Style: Flash Step!” He would disappear in front of another bunch doing a few flips he would crash his fist into ones face, before knocking another two away with two fist, he would jump over a leg swoop as another threw a punch at him while he was jumping, he would use his momentum to cling onto the man’s hand before spinning himself around on it, slamming both his feet into the man’s face, he had finished off all of his opponent and would head towards the tent. Getting into a tent where he had heard the screams and pleas for help in. Going inside he could see that there was a man, he was rather tall and the man could be shown with no teeth, he wore a long sleeved navy blue shirt with a matching jacket and black pants with black gloves he also had black sandals. The toothless figure would turn away from the woman he was violating and would stare at Kiyo, “So you’ve got past my shinobi? Looks like I’ll just have to take care of you myself.” He would dash forward it pretty impressive speeds for a man as bulky as him, Kiyo would throw his body to the sides sending his foot crashing into the man’s chest which was easily tanked. The man would pick Kiyo’s small foot up before throwing him across the room out of the tenth, he man would dash forward getting real close to Kiyo before aiming his fist into his face, knocking Kiyo against a rocky mountain, still dazed, Kiyo would try and get out of the mini crater he was in before he felt pressure being added to his face as he was sent crashing deeper into the wall, the tall ninja would stare outside the crater as Kiyo was stuck inside of it, injured but not enough to slow him down, Kiyo would initiate his plan. Throwing a kunai at the man’s chest, he would look down, no blood seemed to leak from it which amazed Kiyo, he would dash out sending his fist crashing into the man’s face, which he tanked once again, Kiyo would jump backwards, before pulling out a kunai with an explosive tag on it, he would throw it forward as it hit the man’s hand, he would cast a few handseals as the kunai multiplied itself in a puff of smoke, Kiyo would jump backwards onto the mountain using his chakra to keep himself onto it, with a shift of a seal, an massive explosion would erupt from the tall toothless ninja. As the explosion died down, Kiyo could hear earth hitting the ground as he stared with amazement, it looked like the ninja had being wearing a earth natured armour all along, that explained him being toothless and could tank anything attack he threw at him. The man now wore, a muscle shirt with black pants and gloves on his hands, he was a brunette with Chester coloured eye’s. The man would jump up into the air his hands would become surround by earth, he would drive it downwards towards Kiyo, Smirking Kiyo body would dematerialize and zoom away before he could hit him and his fist would crash into the ground destroying a large piece of earth, Kiyo would reappear at the other side of him carrying a simple message in a cold tone. “Fools who rely only brute strength cannot think of catching me.” He muttered as he rammed his knee into the brunette, knocking him upwards, he would then disappear again but a flash of him would be left as he hit the man multiple times, hurting him severely, as a finishing move, Kiyo would jam his elbow into him knocking the brunette backwards as he fell onto the ground, Kiyo would land beside him shortly after as he saw the man holding his stomach in pain, Kiyo would draw the ninjato strapped to his back before sending it down towards the man’s skull, ending his life, upon doing so, Kiyo would appear beside the tenth as he walked in, he would free each and every person cuffed together before he left the area, not to be seen again.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)

Konoha has a gigantic amount of players, due to the main setting of naruto being in said village. That means there is less promotion in Kiri, I'm trying to create promotion so others can see that not just Konoha can be the best!

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