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Chuunin/Genin Application

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1Chuunin/Genin Application Empty Chuunin/Genin Application Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:18 am


IC Name:Arisu
Byond Key:Ameki
Skype :N/A
Rank (Grade): C+/D
Village: Sunagakure/Kirigakure
Specs: Iron sand, or just elementalist

Arisu allowed her iron sand to shoot forward towards her mass of foe. In a situation like this, defense was more necessary. Half of a dome was behind her, guarding her from any potential attacks from behind. The majority of her sand was focused on defense, meaning there was little offensive sand to work with. Despite this, she'd have to do with what she had, the sand moving forward rapidly towards her target.

The mass of iron sand aimed to wrap around the man, who seemingly began to avoid it. Her sand had already covered the area, so he'd be inevitable caught regardless. The moment he was caught, the iron sand immediately began to wrap around his arm, Arisu beginning to allow her defensive sand to shoot out and aid her offense in order to completely envelope him in a layer of iron sand. She had effectively immobilized him with such a move, the man beginning to slowly raise into the air.

The mass of iron sand that had enveloped him was being controlled by her raising hand, which caused him to ascend into the air. The girl finally clenched her fist, causing the mass of sand to crush him, blood splattering around the sand. The crimson liquid seeped out of the sand and trickled down it, drops pelting the ground repeatedly.

"One down." she said.

I'd like to be Chuunin especially in order to promote RP with my characters antics. As a starter I'd hope to be active and constantly contribute to the RP in the village by interacting with the students. If I'm accepted for Genin instead, I'd want the rank to do the same thing.

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