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Kirigakure - Genin/Chuunin Application

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1Kirigakure - Genin/Chuunin Application Empty Kirigakure - Genin/Chuunin Application Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:32 am

Ras Trent

IC Name: Yuki, Saemi
Byond Key: Ras Trent
Skype : N/A
Rank (Grade): Genin (D+)/ Chuunin (C)
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: Elementalist/ Weaponist
Age: 15

(RP Example.)

Yuki, Saemi stagnantly waited atop a tree, being shrouded by its foliage; waiting in leeway, he aimed to surprise the to enter his vision. The arboreal cover masked him well, especially due to the already low-light conditions, a consequence of the canopy of towering masses, looming high above. Suddenly, a ninja appeared; his village of origin appearing to be Konohagakure, judging to the headband he adorned.  

The young boy slowly rummaged through his paraphernalia; despite his best efforts to muffle the sound, the clangour of his metallic weapons seemed to reach the boy's keen ears, who now directed his attention to the tree in which Saemi waited. A hand was sent forth, releasing from its grasp three needle-esque projectiles; another set quickly followed from his other hand, all being released with keen accuracy and admirable speed.

His opponent seemed capable, able to dodge most of his projectiles with some ease; however, one managed to lodge itself in the side of his right knee - his speed likely being hindered as a result. In the process of dodging, the male also stepped on the spikes he laid previously; his mobility was even further reduced as a result.

He emerged from his haven, but with wariness; he had no scope of the boy's capabilities, and was unsure of the pain was enough to subdue him. Regardless, with another three senbon in hand, he advanced towards his opponent -a single word abruptly escaping his lips;

"Scroll." He demanded, with his empty hand out before him, curled fingers indicating his need for the scroll which he possessed. The boy simply withdrew a black scroll with a white rim, inscribed on it was the word, "earth" - exactly the one he needed. He stopped in his tracks, careful not to be beguiled by the boy.

"Toss it." He said, while his armed hand raised, pointed towards the shinobi's vessel. However, his cautiousness seemed to be for naught, as the boy complied with his request willfully. Saemi simply caught the scroll, and ventured deeper within the forest.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)

Because of the lack of interest shown in it.



I'm sorry, but I have to deny your application based on the fact that Kirigakure already has all of its starter ranks filled. Thank you for posting.

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