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Chuunin/Genin Application (Kirigakure)

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1Chuunin/Genin Application (Kirigakure) Empty Chuunin/Genin Application (Kirigakure) Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:36 pm


C Name: Saichi
Byond Key: Megadike
Skype : jonathon.boldt
Rank (Grade): Chuunin(C+/B-)/Genin(D)
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Specs: Medic Ninja, Body Flicker, or Fuuinjutsu

Saichi makes his way down the long and dark corridor, the creepiness of the atmosphere almost being sucked into Saichi's own heart as it slowly turned cold the darker and darker the room got. Continuing onwards, the room's level of lighting would reach a point where the only thing Saichi would be able to see would be a very faint dot in the middle of his range of vision, this dot seemingly an exit from this large area. Careful with his walking pace, Saichi made it closer and closer, as the light itself grew larger and larger. As Saichi neared the exit, each step he took he could hear the cries and screams of many men women and children begging for help, but Saichi was powerless to do anything.

Nearing the end of his dark hell, Saichi would make his way outwards, escaping from the dark hell and emerging into the real hell. The hell of war. Looking upward, Saichi watched the calm and clear sky with very few clouds fly by, but as his sight moved downwards, that blue sky was filled with nothing but the orange of explosions and fire, and the red blood of his fellow comrades and enemy shinobi. Keeping his gaze outward, Saichi placed his left hand on his right arm, where he could now see a very large injury. Where this came from, he had no idea, but it was then that Saichi was brought to his knees by a mysterious force, and all he could do was look up at the sky, whispering to himself solemnly, "This is the hell I live in..." The next thing he knew, he was staring at the ground many feet away from where he had dropped, and then felt nothing but a shiver of cold overcome his presence.

I would like to be this rank in order to boost the roleplay environment of Kirigakure like any good player should do, no matter if they be student or kage. Influence rp, produce rp, and create rp would be my main objective.



You're declined to become Chunin however, you're approved to become Genin of Kirigakure. GMH If you want it.

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