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Konohagakure Genin Application

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1Konohagakure Genin Application Empty Konohagakure Genin Application Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:09 pm


IC Name: Hyuuga, Fukimi
Byond Key: Pupez22
Skype : jonathon.boldt
Rank (Grade): D-
Village:Konohagakure no Sato
Specs:Fuuinjutsu/Clan Spec

(RP Example.)
Fukimi trudged his way across the small forest, his hands in his pockets and his jacket zipped all the way up to protect his skin from the chilly winds that were passing through the area. Sighing to himself softly, Fukimi could barely hear himself think over the rustling tree branches and bushes, his white pale eyes setting his gaze on a rabbit not too far from his current location. Fukimi was starving, and checking his pockets, he noticed he did not have a single Ryo to his name at the moment, and his next mission wasn't until the following morning. Pulling out a kunai, Fukimi wanted to make this quick for the small rabbit, but judging by it's size Fukimi assumed it wasn't a child, but an adult, so he didn't feel as bad for hunting it. Deciding not to hesitate, a bold but idiotic move made by Fukimi was charging straight on for the rabbit, who proceeded to flee in the same direction that Fukimi had been running towards. Going through a quick array of handsigns, a split image of Fukimi would escape from his own well being in a cloud of smoke, taking off towards the rabbit in the nearby forest. Using this to his advantage, Fukimi would organize his clone to chase the rabbit around towards a small tree, but this tree would contain Fukimi hidden away on the other side, who would proceed to swiftly kick the rabbit and then stab it in the neck, kicking it quickly and painlessly. As Fukimi's clone dispersed, all that he could hear was blood dropping from his kunai and into the grass, but that meant little to Fukimi. All that was important to him now was dinner.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
I would like to obtain this rank in hopes to bolster the current rp in that of Konoha. While it is chuunin and up jobs to teach the students in the academy, I would love to not only help out in those classic, but as well as preform the basic duties of a genin and help the village prosper.

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