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Jugo Clan (Blacksmiths 2nd Son)

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1Jugo Clan (Blacksmiths 2nd Son) Empty Jugo Clan (Blacksmiths 2nd Son) Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:17 pm


IC Name: Saito, Shiki
Byond Key: Flynn Salvatore
Skype : flynnsalvatore or RA$TA BOY [Flynn]
Rank (Grade): Academy Student
Village: Sunagakure
Specs: (Optional)
Age: 11

(RP Example.)
For a long time, Shiki had been weak, sleeping, nothing but a half-forgotten nightmare or a shadowy flicker in the corner of an eye in the forest at night; not real enough to properly exist, and yet too evocative to fade away completely. Now he was waking up, the villagers like flies caught in a spider's web, each jerk and kick vibrating the strands that led deep into its lair. Shiki was aware of them now, and he could use them. All he'd need was a little incentive. He was hungry, poor, and alone. He hadn’t recalled his family or the village that he hailed from. He made his way toward the small village, that resided within the forest. Upon entering the village, he noticed small shopping carts filled with different foods. His stomach roared at him, as he gripped his abdominal with both hands. “Ah-man. . .” He uttered lowly, wincing a bit as if a spec of dirt flew into his eye. Shiki ventured toward the nearest shopping cart, thus removing a banana from it. He didn’t have any money, nor did he know anything about the thing. As far as he knows, he has always been alone; uneducated. However, he seemed to be somewhat intelligent. He didn’t bother peeling the banana. He pressed his teeth into the tough skin of the banana, thus munching on the fruit. A merchant attending the shopping cart broke out in rage, slapping Shiki behind the head with a fly swatter. “Hey, you stupid kid! You have to pay before you consume!” He said harshly. Shiki’s eye pupils enlarged, as if they were a gaping void that knew no end. The merchant noticed this sudden change in aura around him; thus slowly backing away. “Hey, take it easy now.” He attempted to plead. Slowly did Shiki turn around with a gruesome smile, revealing pure rage. For a second there, everything went black for Shiki. He lost himself in madness. “A BEAST!” A villager screamed out, watching the destruction settle before his very eyes. He ran in panic, with the others from the small village. When said ‘beast’ perhaps most of you imagine a huge and grotesque creature with matted hair and huge twisting horns protruding upward into the dark midnight sky. A contorted figure eclipsing the moon, standing on its knotted haunches and stooped as its wrinkled face stares at his prey, giving off an aura of pure hate and evil expressed in its dull black eyes. But he was not an ordinary beast, at least not in first sight. Under the childlike appearance, charcoal colored hair, pure blue eyes and horrific smile; below the surface was hidden a monster, vicious, immoral, malevolent. Shiki turned to face the man that called him a beast. Shiki’s face was covered in shadows. It was hard to make him out in the darkness of the forest that surrounded them, but the kunai he lifted was plain to see. It glistened with the blood of his victims. He grinned madly. The shadows were alive, distorting his features. It was a scene from a nightmare, but everyone was awake. “AHAHAHAHA!! DIE!” Shiki shouted with bloodlust. Suddenly, a dog rushed between the two. The dog knew the smell; it was the kid, the nice kid who always gave him treats and never got tired of playing with him. The dog wagged his tail in excited anticipation and gave a joyous bark. Then there was another smell; a wrong smell, and it was alien enough to stop the dog in his tracks. Confused, he growled deep in his throat. The wrong smell came from the nice kid. Blind animal terror pierced the dog's brain an instant before the kunai followed suit. Blood splashed. Scattering throughout the field as the villager managed to escape him. Shiki’s eyes remained fixed on the dog that he had just killed. He fell to his knees, body reforming back to its normal status. “Hey, wake up.” He said as he shook the dead animals’ body with his fingertips. He didn’t realize that the dog was dead. He didn’t understand death itself. He picked up the dog with both arms, carrying him away from the open field that is stained with its blood. “When you wake up. . . We can try to find you some more treats.” He stated, walking for miles and miles. It came to a point where there was no grass around; just a sea of sand surrounding them. Shiki ignored the bad smell that emitted from the dead dog he carried. After a while, a man that looked like a blacksmith approached him. He didn’t seem afraid of Shiki, however Shiki took a few steps away from him. “What do you want?” The kid said, as the man simply patted his head softly. He seemed to not mind the blood stained body of Shiki or the dead dog he carried. “Come with me. Let’s get you all cleaned up. My name is Okuran Saito and this is my home.” He gestured in the distance to Sunakagure. “I have a son named Ichirou Saito. He’s the son of a blacksmith.” He confirmed. Shiki continued to carry the dog, staring up at the tall man that seemed to take an interest in him. “I don’t have a name.” Shiki stated, a gloom facial feature presenting itself. The blacksmith rubbed Shiki’s head, “Then I will give you one. How about Shiki Saito?” The blacksmith asked him, kneeling down before him; while planting one of his palms onto Shiki’s shoulder. He smiled warmly, therefore Shiki replicates the smile. “Shiki. . Sai-to.” He stated calmly. The blacksmith removed the dead dog from his arms, thus burying it within the sand. “Let’s put him to rest.” The blacksmith stated lowly, patting the top of the sand. “And go get you all washed up and ready for dinner.” The blacksmith added. Shiki’s eyes began to water, not understanding what was going on. But for some reason; he felt extremely happy. “From now on. You are my son. The second son of a Blacksmith.” He concluded as the two ventured off toward their home.

(Why do you want to be this clan so much?)
I am interested in creating RP for myself and others. Why not start by doing something that no one has done before? Jugo Clan will be highly entertaining to RP; not to mention the many events that may occur. Also, it is highly unique in its own way.

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