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|♢APPROVED♢| Chuunin Starter Rank App-(Kirigakure)

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[quote="Ceasar0088"]IC Name: Hozuki, Keishi

Byond Key: Ceasar0088

Skype: ovide0088

Rank (Grade): C+ or B (I'd guess that's the rank for either a chuunin or jounin)

Village: Kirigakure

Specs: Fuujin-Jutsu, Weaponist, Element.

Age: 16.

(RP Example.)[i]
The night sky appeared calm and peaceful. The absent clouds and full moon would illuminate the village as it celebrated it's 12th year. Kirigakure was fairly a young village among the three that occupied the continent. It's people, decedents of fisher-mans, farmers and such would gather every year to pay their tributes to those who sacrificed so much to protect and defend the land from bandits, rapist, murderers, and demons. Keishi, who was currectly 16 was quite far from the celebration unfortunately. He and his peers had been sent out on a secret mission by the Mizukage, --whom had been recently elected-- to study their neighboring village's observation post. Though the lands were in a time of peace, Kirigakure had already been preparing for war secretly. It was commonly believed that "all men were capable of lying". That idea would create a great deal of distrust between village and eventually lead to greed and war.    
Arriving at their objective the units of Jounin and chuuins would divide evenly under Keishi's command. Circling their target as each team assumed their positions. Concealed by the shadows provided by the elevated trees, The glassy white eyes of kiri's military force would glare down at the target and then at their commander, awaiting further instruction. Signaling the four teams with rapid hand signals Keishi would communicate absolute radio silence. Each squad would reach up for the toggle switch and disarm their devices. From this point the Kiri's recon squad was now formed. Though the celebration at home was have been nice to participate in, the selected and appointed shinobies asided to this mission would later become members of what would soon become the infamous "Seven Swordsmen Of Mist"

ARC: The Birth Of The Seven Swordsmen?

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
I'd like to contribute to Kiri's history and inspire other potential arcs. New Dynasty is fairly new and requires more players, I image my icly leadership skills would inspire more players it invite friends to play and comment to the server.


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Damn people went ham on apps. I'm sticking to the "K.I.S.S." method lol

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