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|♢OFFICIAL♢| 100 Years TS 107538
(New Dynasty)

Over the course of 15 years the three villages, Konoha, Kiri, and Suna, have cycle through several peace treaties and entered a serious of mini-wars over small territories. The Northern temple, home to the samurais, priests, and blacksmiths would remain neutral. With tension growing between villages, Kages would turn to individual fractions to secretly carry out secret assassinations or steal valuable documents. The ninja world had begun it's plunge into the dark shadows.

Adhering to one treaty, the three nations agreed to the laws of the shinobies. Covered in the treaty were the basics. (Limitations on military population, Exchanged market among nations, and the Codes of War)

Military Population
Maximum of 5 Jounins
Maximum of 7 Chuunins
Maximum of 8-12 Genins


TS Options 1: Allow your character to die and earn DR Perk PTs + 1 Academy Student Setup Perk PTs

TS Options 2: Just joined, receive 1 Academy Student Setup Perk PTs

TS Guide and DR Guide


  • (Total Perks) / (3) = DR Perk PTs
  • (6) / (3) = 2 DR Perk PTs

|♢OFFICIAL♢| 100 Years TS 107538

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