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|♢OFFICIAL♢|Jutsu Datatbase

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1|♢OFFICIAL♢|Jutsu Datatbase Empty |♢OFFICIAL♢|Jutsu Datatbase Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:22 pm


[th]Jutsu[/th][th]Wait Time[/th][th]Specials[/th]
D4 Days(-1 Day) Per INT Tier
C8 Days(-1/4 Days) With Genius Trait
B12 Days(Sharingan Copy Wheel) 1x Jutsu per INT Tier
A16 Days(Sharingan Copy Wheel) Perm 1 Jutsu after 15 days
S20 Days---


Katon Bunshin - C-rank
Katon: Goukakyuu - C-rank
Katon: Housenka - C-rank
Katon: Endan - B-rank
Katon: Dragon fire - B-rank
Katon: Dai endan - A-rank


Suiton: Mizubunshin - C-rank
Suiton: Suirou - C-rank
Suiton: Suiryuudan - C-rank
Suiton: Diabakufu - B-rank
Suiton: Baku Suishouha - A-rank
Suiton: Suijinheki - B-rank


Raiton: Raiton Bunshin - C-rank
Raiton: Jibashi - C-rank
Raiton: Raikyuu - C-rank
Raiton: Ikazuchi - B-rank
Raiton: Ikadzuchi no kiba - B-rank
Raiton: Chidori - A-rank
Raiton: Raiton no yoroi - A-rank
Raiton: Chidori senbon - A-rank


Doton: Tsuchi Bunshin - D-rank
Doton: Doryuuheki - C-rank
Doton: Doryuudan - B-rank
Doton: Domu - B-rank
Doton: Yomi Numa - A-rank


Fuuton: Kaze - D-rank
Fuuton: Kazekiri - C-rank
Fuuton: Renkuudan - C-rank
Fuuton: Reppushou - C-rank
Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba - A-rank


Medical: Shosen - C-rank
Medical: Chakra no mesu - B-rank
Medical: Oukashou - C-rank
Medical: Saikan Chuusutsu - C-rank
Medical: Shometsu - B-rank

Sand Manipulator

Sand : Tanukeneiri no jutsu(eye) - D-rank
Sand : Suna no Yoroi - C-rank
Sand : Suna no Mayu - D-rank
Sand : Sabaku Kyuu - C-rank
Sand : Sabaku Sousou - B-rank

General: Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu: Kage bunshin - A-rank(Scroll only)
Ninjutsu: Bunshin - E-rank
Ninjutsu: Kawarimi - E-rank
Ninjutsu: Henge - E-rank
Ninjutsu: Hakai no Uda - A-rank
Ninjutsu: Toogame no jutsu - Kage exclusive
Ninjutsu: Sushin - D-rank (scout exclusive)
Ninjutsu: Rasengan - A-rank
Ninjutsu: Kagura Shingen - B-rank(scout exclusive)
Ninjutsu: Kibaku Nendo - C-rank (clay exclusive)

General: Taijutsu

Taijutsu: Dynamic Entry - D-rank
Taijutsu: Hachimon Tomon - D-rank
Taijutsu: Hachimon Shoumon - C-rank
Taijutsu: Hachimon Kaiman - C-rank
Taijutsu: Hachimon Seimon - B-rank
Taijutsu: Hachimon Kyuumon - A-rank

General: Genjutsu

Genjutsu: Shikumi no jutsu - C-rank (Other . . . "special" requirements)
Genjutsu: Jabaku Satsu - A-rank
Genjutsu: Nehan Shoja - B-rank
Genjutsu: Kokaungyo - C-rank
Genjutsu: Kori Shinchuu - C-rank
Genjutsu: Kai - D-rank
Genjutsu: Toton - B-rank


Clan: Sharingan 1 - Special requirements
Clan: Sharingan 2 - Special requirements
Clan: Sharingan 3 - Special requirements


Clan: Kikaichuu no jutsu - D-rank
Clan: Mushi Yose no jutsu - C-rank
Clan: Mushi Dama - B-rank


Clan: Shikyaku no jutsu - D-rank
Clan: Gatsuuga - B-rank


Clan: Suika - D-rank
Clan: Gousuiwan no jutsu - C-rank
Clan: Water propell Jet - B-rank
Clan: Suigadan - C-rank


Clan: Tessenka no Mai - D-rank
Clan: Yanagi no Mai - C-rank
Clan: Tessenka no Mai Hana - B-rank
Clan: Karamatsu no Mai - B-rank
Clan: Swarabi no Mai - A-rank


Clan: Ninkudan Sensha - D-rank<br>
Clan: Choudan Bakugeki - B-rank<br>
Clan: Babun Baika no Jutsu - C-rank<br><br>


Clan: Gravity eyes - D-rank<br>
Clan: Gravity Bunshin - C-rank<br>
Clan: Gravity Distortion - B-rank<br><br>


Clan: Byakugan - E-rank
Clan: Jyuuken - C-rank

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