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|♢OFFICIAL♢|Speed Rules (copy)

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1|♢OFFICIAL♢|Speed Rules (copy) Empty |♢OFFICIAL♢|Speed Rules (copy) Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:55 pm


  • One tile is equivalent to 4 feet
  • The earliest age at which you can begin advancing in power is 8 years. Unless special circumstances are involved, you may be denied higher tier perks at this age to avoid children capable of shrugging Atlas. Use your common sense in this matter.
  • You cannot learn the Eight Gates unless you intend to specialise in taijutsu.This means you will be prohibited from learning anything but taijutsu.
  • When entering a combat situation, you must wait two turns from your arrival before roleplaying. To clarify, that means waiting for the current turn to end, and then the next, before you are allowed to interfere with the scene. You also must start at a distance from the combatants, and not position yourself right next to them to give you an advantage.

Base Movement Speed[Approved]:

  • E = 1
  • D- to D+ = 2
  • C- to C+ = 3
  • B- to B+ = 5
  • A- to A+ = 6 

Agility Perk Movement:

  • Fast Agility=1
  • Very Fast Agility=2
  • Extremely Fast Agility=3
  • Bullet Agility=4

Elemental Manipulation Movement: 

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