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Jinchuriki Application. The Jinchuriki it doesn't matter, once i'm able to make a difference.

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Jinchuriki Application. The Jinchuriki it doesn't matter, once i'm able to make a difference. 19500wall

IC Name: Jiki, Tetsu

Beyond Key:Bloodline Killer X


Rank:Citizen (Grade: E)

Village: Sunagakure no Sato

Specs: Ic influence will mold my character.

Age: 12 {Twelve}

(Rp Example)

Great... First day of school and he'd already managed to get himself kicked out, but it couldn't be helped after the headmaster called him out like that. Honestly Tetsu didn't care for becoming a 'shinobi' it wasn't his calling, he'd rather choose being a miner along his mother/idol. But like a toddler being denied something out of grasp he wanted it. Why did it effect him so much? It didn't matter to him at all but a part of him wanted to prove that headmaster wrong, on top of that he'd make Tetsu look bad in front of the other applicants trying to enroll in the academy.

It didn't matter how tough he'd try to look in front of the headmaster and the students he -knew- the moment he stepped into his home his butt was his mother's for sure. This alone sent chills down his spine, causing the tiny hairs on his back to stand up erect. Leaving the academy a streak of lightning flashed across the sky, followed by a powerful crackle of thunder announcing its dominance.

"...!..." the child's heart did a one eighty flip in his chest, something was off yet he'd felt kind of strange...This was familiar some how? More like a blast from the past.. The once calm dessert flashed with light provided from the lightning and it struck him, in more than one way. With a light 'thud' his body hit the soft sand of the dessert.

His mind was wrapped elsewhere...Yet he was still in Suna but not where he fell. Tetsu watched two young adults at a dinner table, a small child ran around the room joyful with not a single care of the world. Heh, the child wasn't aware of the corruption he was living in. This was the best time as a child, when everything seemed shiny and nothing seemed bad. Was this?...No...Tetsu was observing himself as a child and that woman was his mother. But the man...Who was he?..He wore the standard Sunagakure Jounin attire but he adorned goggles hanging from his neck, which the child tried his best to intercept and take from the man. Then it hit him...That was his father, a chill coursed through Tetsu's body as a single tear drop formed in his eyes.

This was the man his mother talked so dearly about but he hadn't any memory of him..Did he? The only thing he had were pictures of their short time together. Emotions that were never their or what he thought was never their came to the surface, Tetsu was awestruck and tried to reach out for his father's hand. Almost..Almost...His whole world shook, an earth quake? He didn't know but his father was getting further away from him by the second..Out of grasp, why?!

Tetsu pursue'd his father's fading shadow which was over taken by some sort of monster? No this had to be his imagination running amok once more but it couldn't be..People ran in all directions, shinobi tried to quell the situation but nothing mattered. It was total chaos then their was his father evacuating people in need. Everything happened so fast, sand, bodies, and blood flew tainting the sand. "W-WHAT'S?!" Tetsu was meaning to say but nothing came out of his mouth, was this even real? A group of ninja including a shinobi that wore the Kazekage robes lead the beast away elsewhere. There secluded thy'd make a circle? Was this some kind of ritual? it seemed so. Each member were placed strategically around the circle including his father, the Kage in the middle over a small child. It...It couldn't be...It was a the past Tetsu held down in wrappings of some kind, he'd be trashing about crying for his father.

This only drew the monster's attention causing it to somehow know what the humans were trying, it'd attack a line of shinobi. Carving its way to the younger Tetsu, but his father couldn't allow it and did something odd. Sand? Yet it was metallic like iron formed a barrier protecting Tetsu and Tetsu's father yelled "NOW!" his voice giving away, with a bright light...It was over, that day the village was spared, his father along countless shinobi were killed and a new Kazekage had to be selected a much younger one.

Laid out on the ground tears flowed from Tetsu's face, grief over took the child for some unknown reasons to others passing by.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)

I honestly want to be this rank so much because i've never played a Jinchuriki before and i've always wanted to. I know i'll contribute to the roleplay (rp). I'm active, alt less, driven to make a difference. Give me a chance, if i fail at this you can always strip me. If i need to work on somethings pull me up about it, i'm an understandable person.

Thank You for at least taking your time and reviewing this application Very Happy

Have a Good Day! cheers



Sorry, but the Jinchuriki spot in Sunagakure has already been filled. Thank you for applying.


[quote="Wache"]Sorry, but the Jinchuriki spot in Sunagakure has already been filled. Thank you for applying.[/quote

Lol its okay, i tried. At least i was noticed and not ignored. So thank you!

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