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<PENDING>Event: Broken Ties-(Konohagakure)

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1<PENDING>Event: Broken Ties-(Konohagakure) Empty <PENDING>Event: Broken Ties-(Konohagakure) Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:42 pm


Byond Key:Ceasar0088
Skype :ceasar0088 
IC Name:Keishi

(Show us an example of your event.)
Arc: Broken Ties
As the annual Chuunin exam was commencing it's third phase, the village of Konoha was too preoccupied with the festivities. Guards placed around the village's wall was reduced, under the orders of the Village's officials. Their made focus we solely the chuunin exam and ensuring that all applicants were obeying the rules. The chants and screams of the crowd would echo all across the village, cheering for many of the contestants. Breeze, Alex and Avera being the most favorite of them all.

Far off in the right corner of the village two masked figures would appear scaling the walls as the approached a guard tower. Concealed by the shadows the intruders would begin their infiltration, Slaughtering all that challenge their will. Of course, in the world of assassins, No one is allowed to lay eye on them and live long enough to speak a word. 

Progressing through the forest of death, the duo would have already collected four leaf headbands, two from Kiri, and five from suna. Each body engraved with foreign village's symbols upon their forehead. *General medics can identify the marks as direct lacerations from various blades* The assault would continue until 30 bodies and headbands were achieved/collected.


(Reason why you created this event.)

Destroy the trust among villages and generate a hunt for tailed beast. 

  • (Unlock Early Akast.)
  • (Unlock Early SO.)
  • (Unlock Early SSM)
  • (Unlock Competitive RPs
  • (Open a new Arc: Broken Ties)

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