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Iron Temple leader

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1Iron Temple leader Empty Iron Temple leader Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:27 pm


Ic name:Hokojo, Takai
Skype :robert11295
Village:Iron temple
(RP) Yuki, Makuza noticed Mamoru grab his arm and his knee following soon after, quickly rotating his arm at the shoulder popping his elbow toward the sky allowing him to bend it up and release the grip while sliding next to Mamoru, Makuza attempted to slide next to Mamoru rotating his arm with his momentum so the inside of his arm was facing Mamoru's palm's now. Makuza attempted to slide his arm around Mamoru's palm's and wrap his arm around the boy's neck, if everything went as planned Makuza shot his feet back slightly adding weight to Mamoru's base hopefully causing him to lean slightly.

Makuza quickly used his left arm attempting to slide it under the back of his left leg so he could scoop his body and use the momentum to slam Mamoru, if everything followed through well enough Makuza attempted to jerk his body and arm down slamming the back of Mamoru's head into the grass.Yuki, Makuza grinned it has been awhile since he fought someone, slowly spinning his hand's around on the joints of his wrist Makuza had Mamoru in his sight," Been awhile, this will be fun." Makuza fired his body forward sliding his right foot through the blades of grass making his way for Mamoru, once close enough Makuza fired his right fist from his hip aiming to hit Mamoru in his ribcage. dashed forward again attempting to get get close enough to fire a simple kick into the side of Mamoru's body, Makuza stopped in front of Mamoru attempting to swing his leg into the other boy's rib cage.

Reason: I just feel I will be able to supply a good amount of rp for the people of the Iron temple, I love kenjutsu and think I will do really well with this rank and will be able to assist in the growth of the server if I recieve this.

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2Iron Temple leader Empty Re: Iron Temple leader Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:43 pm


im really cool with whatever rank i can get for it honestly

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