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IC Name: Minako
Byond Key: MMAFighter
Skype : Michikoismyname
Rank (Grade): Student(Bijuu Not sure if I'm allowed to choose -Gobi?)
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: None (For now)
Age: 13 (If applicable)

(RP Example.)

Kimani's hand stretches out to embrace the high-five. Her reasons for not taking up Hokage were of her own personal ones. The female was always the type of shinobi to do her job in the shadows and has been around, just not present to most. The missions she has been through, quite a lot actually, have all forced her to leave the village and handle outside affairs. Those who know her very well know of her work ethic.

'' I'm giving the next generation a chance to fix my generation. If something were to happen to Hideaki or he does not feel as if he is fit for the job, then I will take it. Plus, I'm a Shinobi from a different era. The way I work is a bit different from a Hokage's way. I handle mostly outside village affairs and the structure of the Jounin system. ''*

2nd rp updated:

Returning from the island, Blare had just awoken from her daze. Waking up with a huge headache she rose up out of the bed and looked around to see where she was and clearly she was back on the ship. "Ugh my head...what in the world happened, what was I doing last?"

Thinking back she remembered journeying to the mysterious island with a few other shinobi to some poor wretches request and upon arrival the place was clearly ancient just the way Blare liked it. After maneuvering through endless traps and old stone work everyone had separated into two groups finding many things along the way, but Blare found a book that she decided to keep. After some ash spawn creatures attacked her group, Blare saw it as an opening to see where they were coming from which led her to a pillar that seemed to have a liking to her new book. Truly really this is what she was here for so she let the pillar have it. After a bunch of chaotic happenings it was clear she had set in motion many important events but she wasn't going any further without her book and so she reached for it, and then she had awoken on the ship.

After sitting up Blare found the book in her lap so she was at least able to continue her ideas but just below her bed there was a dead man, one of the shinobi who had come with her and just like her this body was going to be added to her collection so she grabbed the Arab looking guy and stepped outside. The sky was darkened and the pillars of light were gone, Blare was completely unaware of how long she had been out and no one else was around.

Leaving the ship was the first thing on her mind right after finding out what exactly she had just done but then there was also this book, and that meant she'd have to drop it by Jinna so she could study it and hopefully decipher the ancient writings. Making her way across the ruined land a strange feeling came across her mind, "what had she done?" But not in the way that was hurtful but upset that she missed the whole thing. When she arrived at her island hideout it was completely gone along with the nearby village once known as Satogakure.

Things had resulted wonderfully, she had accomplished the destruction of her home village by using another's great power and ended the day with a piece of that power safely in her hands ready to be used. Ecstatic over her success, Blare had to find where her sidekick went after finding directions to the new place but one thing stayed on her mind...where had the masterminds gone and where could she meet them to further her goals? She remained in the Water Country for a little longer to rest up.

After some time of rest, Blare headed to her new place to see Jinna and get the news. Upon meeting of the eyes it was clear that Jinna was all too aware of what Blare had just done and she was pleased herself. After a long explanation of the events that transpired at the island, Jinna explained the situation of each village and though it wasn't to her liking, Blare was pleased enough. The stage was set for the next scene but with how things are now Blare had only one choice to start the next act of her plan...she had to join a village and move on to act three, and the winner was Rikuhi.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)

I would love to be a Jinchuuriki on New Dynasty because the rp for being one is incredibly unique and worth starting as an Academy student for. I would create rp for the other students and headmaster. I'm always active, rarely go afk and I love rping. I also believe in pushing through the hard times and remaining loyal to a game. I will continue to play this if the pb is 5 or 50, as long as I can rp. Please consider me, thanks!

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