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1Jinchuriki App Empty Jinchuriki App Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:46 pm


IC Name: Saito, Shiki
Byond Key: Flynn Salvatore
Skype : flynnsalvatore or RA$TA BOY [Flynn]
Rank (Grade): Academy Student
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: Jinchuriki [Kukuo-Fifth Tailed Beast]
Age: 11

(RP Example:)
In his lair Kokuo had stirred, awoken from his slumber. He could feel them stealthily coming nearer and nearer, trying to circle him. Stupid little creatures. How could they even believe they had a chance against him? Why would they even dare to bother him?

He blinked, annoyed at feeling his connection with his former host fade and waver. The shinobi were from Kirigakure, the last land to have caught him and they were intent on catching him back or so it seemed. Rather than lurk and hide, Kukuo jumped forward, sending a tremendous blast of energy in a wide arc in front of him, sending two of his attackers toward the ground. He felt the impact of one jutsu against his shoulder, the water brought to a boiling point hissing and bubbling against his skin and that pain only made him more irate as he reared, grappled the kunoichi that had been attacking him in his jaws, and tossed her against a rocky scree before stomping on her, feeling the bones break under his hoof.

The whole attack had been over in a matter of seconds. Two of the four shinobis were dead, one was unconscious and the last, a tall sandy haired shinobi, was struggling to stand despite his wounds. There was fear in his eyes, but also a stubborn determination, a challenge as he limped in front of the tailed beast, refusing to turn and run, calling out to his wounded comrade.

Kokuo looked at him, at this human in front of him, a human so alike his former host yet so different. Maybe that was the solution. If he could have him next to him, with him, it would surely be so much easier. Almost playfully, he sent another whip of energy, strong enough to send the man sprawled and unconscious but not enough to kill him. He would need that body if he was to accomplish what had just budded in his mind.

Suddenly, something gave. A bright light sprung into the lair, thus the sand shinobi and the knocked out shinobi both fled the lair. A tall shinobi with a bright red cloak held an infant within his arms. Kokuo was astonished by this, never speaking as he grew angry by the second. He thought he had a potential host, however those that he had in mind had fled, due to this man and infants interference. “You are going to be enslaved, Five Tails. You will not kill another shinobi of our village!” The man shouted, weaving hand seals in blinding speeds. He used only one hand, showing that he was extremely gifted in the arts of hand seals. A loud explosion transpired as the fifth tailed beast began to charge up a chakra beast bomb attack. The explosion would have been created by the man that carried an infant baby boy within his arms. This explosion wasn’t bright in color nor huge in blast; however rocks from the ceiling began to rain down on Kokuo as the man leapt back at the only entrance and exit of the cave. The charged up blast of Kokuo's shattered before he even gotten the chance to shatter it.

“Now’s my chance!” He stated aloud, forming another set of hand seals, thus a miniature ritual bed had puffed into existence as the shroud of smoke subsided. He placed the infant into the bed, thus began contorting his hands into the necessary seals to perform a bijuu sealing jutsu. Kokuo shook in a violent frenzy as he fought against this, though the falling ceiling crashed into his head several times over, distorting his thoughts and movement. “SEAL!” The man shouted as he rushed in a blink of an eye at the tailed beast. He branded the beast with the sealing chakra, thus shunshins toward the infant; branding him as well. The contract seal had been created, thus pulling all of Kokuo’s chakra into the infants small body. The infant didn’t whine nor move a muscle, only giggling up at the only thing it saw. Kokuo. The infant seemed to want to play with the tailed beast, but that wouldn’t have been the case. Kokuo watched the infant with impassive eyes, finally allowing himself to be captured. He didn’t want to fight anymore, and he was done with trying to be used. He saw that he had a while before the infant grew up and started to use him for devious acts. As the years progressed, his new host hadn’t shown an interest in using him at all. His host acted as if he were a pacifist, however that would be debatable.

(Reason why you create this character.)
I want to be able to spend a large amount of active time in creating events as well as providing Kirigakure with their very own Jinchiruki. Also, it would be great to create a lot of role play for others as well. The reason why a Jinchiruki has been created; is to further the entertainment that New Dynasty players has to offer; such as myself in this case. Besides, with the Admins assisting me in creating some good old fashion rp and events. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be an amazing feat.

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