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1Jinchuriki App Empty Jinchuriki App Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:35 am


IC Name: Gintoki
Byond Key: Alradaev
Skype : Alradaev
Rank (Grade): Genin
Village: Konoha
Specs: None
Age: 15 (If applicable)

RP Example:

He sat there, in the pool of blood just outside of his house. There was blood on his clothes, and most of them were ripped open. He held a black eye, and a few deep scratches all around his body. He could not speak, nor move. Even forming a thought, was a much difficult task for him. He could only cry. The screams, which echoed in the villages, which terrified him into crying have finally ceased, but the flames which were so bright, and so warm, and were only a couple of meters of touching him, continued. He doesn't know why is he acting like that, why can't he move. He can't understand why everything around him is destroyed, everything is burning.

A few drops of light rain dropped on him, and the area itself, quickly started to combat the rain, after he sat there for about an hour, and started to extinguish the flames. Each drop, of the rain which now became a heavy rain, started to drag him back into the real world. He stated to finally gain control over his body and had enough strength to stand up, and to walk. He started to walk to the entrance of his small village, and on the way, as he passed all the houses, all the shops, there was only silence.

A thought could still not form in his mind, he still didn't question anything. He kept walking, on and on, ignoring the blood, the limbs, the ashes. On some bodies, he simply stepped on, others, ignored, as if they were never there at the first place. The rain started to form pools, which then combined with blood, creating massive pools of blood, and Gintoki crossed them without a second thought dedicated to them. The smell of iron, was combined with the smell of the rain, creating a sensation he actually enjoyed. His house was pretty far away from the main gate, and he saw the true destruction of the village, and yet, it was a dream to him… Yet with each minute, he slowly faded back into reality. He started to understand, he isn't sleeping.

He finally arrived to the gate, fully awaken. The tears, combined with rain, made all of his face wet. His clothes, wet of blood and rain, made him slow with their increased weight. He looked around, not seeing anything, and suddenly, he saw them. All the people that were missing of the village, dozens of them, dozens of corpses, laying on each other. Some missing limbs, some missing half of their body. He desperately looked for his parents, his parents, which were the only people which were able to keep him in the reality, he needed them, now more than any time, then anything.

He saw them finally. His mom and dad, both completely intact, in fact, they looked like they were simply sleeping, there, on top of the mountain of bodies. He cried out to them, "Mom! Dad! Please Wake up!" and heard some sounds, echoing in the distance, His mind started to shattered again, and his reality started to escape him, he heard a few shouts, finally, and bunch of man, rushing at him, looking like nothing but bandits, missing clothes, some even missed limbs. All the of their injuries, seemed like newly afflicted "KILL HIM! WE MUST, WE MUST BEFO…"

Gintoki became deaf. He did not know if the bandit finished speaking or not, he could only hear more screams, more death… more shouting, and finally, roars. The monster was awoken again. It was triggered again, by the same sight even, by those man again. The tailed beast came back, came back to finish it's task… Revenge. Killing those bandits… Only Gintoki felt gigantic, he saw what the monster saw, heard what it heard, rain hitting the ground. But he was not able to control the monster, his vision grew dark, and he lost his consciousness again.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)

Well, I love being a Jinchuriki. Although I won't be on 24/7, I feel like I can help the story, help the village. I know that Jinchuriki brings laughs and cries, and I feel like I can be a good one.

2Jinchuriki App Empty Re: Jinchuriki App Sat Oct 25, 2014 12:57 pm


I like the app, Pretty long and the reason is not bad too. If there was a support app system on the forums then he would have my support.

3Jinchuriki App Empty Re: Jinchuriki App Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:52 pm



Pretty good app. Haven't role-played with him much on the server; but from looking at this application he is pretty good. Like the guy above said; and I hope this doesn't count against him getting the position.. but, he has my support.  Wink

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