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Hokage App

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1Hokage App Empty Hokage App Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:02 pm


|IC Name|
Uchiha, Teru

|Byond Key|

| Skype |

|Rank (Grade)|


Fuuinjutsu, Weaponist, Genjutsu


|RP Example|
Teru would be found standing outside the Kage-Mansion with her arms folded as her shoulder length black hair rested gently behind her ears while thinking to herself "Why would they even put my name into the votes, honestly do they really think I'm Hokage material?" A light breeze would pass as she let out a sigh and walked over to one of the nearby wooden benches before taking a seat with her left leg crossing her right, and her left hands resting on top of her lap. With a calming pressence about her she'd sit there watching as some children off across the way played with one another, not a care in the world. Teru wasn't particularly keen on having any children herself, but she'd had the thought cross her mind once or twice.  let a slight smile slip out as she said "If only we didn't have to grow up, we could all remain as carefree as they are."

A Jounin would walk out from the Kage-Mansion towards Teru before speaking to her rather respectfully "It's been decided, you-" Understanding right away what had been decided Teru would nod as a breeze blew her bangs down into her face, but she'd quickly pull them back behind her ears with her hands as she said "Well I guess I can't just say no now can I?" With a kindhearted smile on her face and that being said the Jounin would nod before saying "That would indeed be the case, please follow me." Teru would let out a short sigh before standing up as she thought "Hokage, I don't really know if I could get use to being called that." She would then follow him inside of the Kage-Mansion to take on her new role in leading the village, protecting it, and ensuring the prosperity of everyone that lived there.

I tend to sit back and let others take starter positions because it takes a lot of work early on, but for once I'd like to let them have a chance at doing what they'd like from the begining and take it easy. I also think that it would work with my current class schedule IRL really well. I'm usually on every day during and after class from 9:00 AM Centeral - 12:00 PM. If I need to be active for other players that aren't on in that time frame I'll make time for them specificly.

2Hokage App Empty Re: Hokage App Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:53 pm



Your application has been approved. Please log and GM the link to your forum posting for proof. You'll be given your setup after.

Enjoy your RP!

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