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<♢APPROVE♢>Second SSM Member/Jounin Rank App-(Kirigakure)

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IC Name: Keishi
Byond Key: ceasar0088
Skype : ovide0088
Rank (Grade): Chuunin (-C)
Village: Kirigakure
Specs: Fuujin/Suiton/Kenjutsu/
Age: 16

(RP Example.)
Keishi chuckled as his right hand would firmly grip his katana's hilt, waiting for his brother to flex an inch of muscle. From childhood experiences, Keishi knew Prometheus's habits and tendency to apply a special element of surprise. Though his brother was skilled at swordsmanship there were a few things that he lacked in, SPEED. As Prometheus, took on a stance Keishi's would liquefy his body but maintain somewhat of a solid flexible form [Suika-No-Jutsu].

Withough hesitation Prometheus would instantly shoot an Raiton base element at his brother, shouting out "Ikazuchi Hakai no Jutsu" followed by a secondary jutsu, "Sution: Baku Suishouha no Jutsu!" he would yell. With two extremely skilled jutsu's heading towards him Keishi would simply smirk and laugh at his brother. "This combination again?"

With his liquid form, Keishi would revert from any physical form, If anything just his hands would remain but only to hold his katana. With a rapid speed, Keishi would manage to dodge the primary attack which clearly would have immobilized him on contact by his liquefying technique. Charging forward below the current, Keishi would manage to dodge his brother secondary jutsu. The massive wave of water would merely comb over Keishi as he charged below the water's surface. [Fast-Perk]

Slowly liquefying, at the blink of an eye, Keishi would study the exessive amount of chakra used, and execute a serious of seals of his own, Shooting three Shurikens at his brother from underneath the water. As the shuriken's would surface and lock onto it's target, Keishi would expect his brother to utilize his blade to deflect the projectiles. With a well sense of timing Keishi would emerge out from underneath in a solid form for a moment with his katana fully extended above his head preparing for a powerful slash. At this moment Keishi had shot himself upward like a cannon out of the water for an aerial attack.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?)
The leader is my icly brother and I'd want to continue as if Suigetsu did, searching for the blades.

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Denied - Reason - SSoM Event put on hold for time being.



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