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Samurai Warlord Application

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1Samurai Warlord Application Empty Samurai Warlord Application Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:39 am


IC Name: Kyuki Zuzumabi

Byond Key: Osmanesanogo

Skype :Prefer not to disclose unless I did get the rank

Rank (Grade): A Citizen Currently.

Village: Iron Village

Specs: Kenjustu

Age: 33

RP Example: was currently on a small throne in a small room. He'd sigh as he look towards his open windows and only see a dull grey shadow. It was evening. He was obviously bored and not only that but honestly he had to do some training. He would do it .. But he didn't. "Sir. Can't you start doing some work?" He'd turn to his assistant who'd randomly broke the silence.

He sighed once more. If there was one thing he wouldn't ignore, was his law as a Samurai. He was prideful in many cases and would never resort to underhanded to moves. He'd grab his sword and war armor and open the door to resolve any problems .. Like a true samurai.

(Why do you want to be this rank so much?): Honestly, If i had the top three reasons, the first would be that it'd be a fun experience for me. I've played as a Samurai and a ranked one but not a Warlord. A second reason would probably be to actually be a good Warlord that didn't always try to get in the spot light. The point of being a High rank is to be needed only in a emergency. Lastly would be the most common, to Promote R P!

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