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Jounin (academy headmaster Suna) Kohaku, Kumaki

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IC Name: Kumaki Kohaku
Byond Key: kawaiiyukichan
Skype : manyuchan
Rank (Grade): Jounin (academy headmaster)
Village: Sunagakure
Specs: Archer, long ranged, weaponist
Age: 20

(*Kohaku, Kumaki was walking trough the village, a smile was printed on her face. Today was a good day again, she felt healthy and all cheered up again. So many things had happend in her life already but she keeps it behind her. Nothing could stand her in the way of being a good jounin of the village.

She walks over towards the kage who was sitting on the bench, a smile was given her and she nodded. '' Good day, miss. How are you today?'' She asked with a smile on her face. She sat down next to her, pulling out one of her arrows on her back and then looking at it, examining it.

She moved her hand upwards, stroking along the arrow to see if it was still straight, while she awaited for an answer. Kumaki is always a happy person and just loves her job as an academy teacher.

After she heared the answer she would stand up, walking towards her academy to do a set up for the new students for this semester. She wanted everything to be perfect for the first day. She pulled out her weapons, to show the students and eveything else she needed to explain about everything. *)

I would love to be this rank, I have roleplayed the academy headmaster before and I know it is a hard job to have.
Also I would love to teach new students. Kumaki is a very talented female with her bow and arrow and other weapons. She got a very good aim and is rather skilled with her weapons. A very dangerous woman.

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