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Seki Yashin. Suna kage

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1Seki Yashin. Suna kage Empty Seki Yashin. Suna kage Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:00 pm


IC Name: Yashin, Seki
Byond Key: kimdekitten
Skype : you got it
Rank (Grade): (A)
Village: Kazekage. (or Konoha jounin)
Specs: Kenjutsu, and Elemental ninjutsu Fuuton and Katon
Age: 24

(*Yashin, Seki walks inside the mines with her two katana's in her hands. Transfers her chakra of her to from her right hand into her sword. Her right sword lights up with fire In order to shed light in the cave. She walks calm trough the cave and looks around herself. She heard people talk in the distance and sneaks closer to them. There she saw a couple of rogue ninja's. She focuses her chakra in her left hand and focuses her wind chakra inside her blade. She runs closer to them and makes a couple of slashes in the air. "Shinkuken!"( Made by own icon , find the jutsu on the wikia can't post links.) When Seki makes this slash a strong wind slash comes off her swords and she launches it towards the three rogues. This Ninjutsu movement looks like an kazekiri, but then she shoots it from her sword and there aren't handsigns needed. She manages to hit the Shinobi's and cuts them deep inside there torso.*)

(* Yashin, Seki sits in her office and looks with her green emerald eyes to her paperwork. She writes in a terrible handwriting that probably only she can read. In about three minutes she looks to the wall and isn’t focused on her work. <What if someone shoots a Katon Ninjutsu to my office. Would the sand burn down or kill the fire.>  The young girl is lost in her own mind and thinks about how she can safe the village. The most rare ideas shoot in her mind. Then she hears a loud knock on her desk and she looks to one of the jounins of the village. She was daydreaming again and was a bit shocked. “I am working.” She takes the pen again and writes on her papers.*)

(*Yashin, Seki stands on the square without her kage clothes and tries to be unrecognizable. She looks with her green eyes over the square over the genins and students who are talking about there schoolsubjects. She just listens for a couple of seconds. Then the young kage starts to run and jumps over the benches at the square and over all the students and genins. Then she turns around and looks to the genins and the students. “Listen! The solution is: Start running! Go!!” She points to the horizon. Nobody did listen to her and looked to her if she was crazy. She sighs and places her hand on her head. “God.. Please help me.” She looks to the students and smiles to them. “The first who is by the gate gets 200 ryo.. GO!!” Seki runs off towards the gate to be first. To see who would arrive first.

(I like to roleplay as an kage and be a kind, active kage that cares for her villagers. But she is also young and a bit hyperactive.)
(I roleplay for eight years now. I’m ready to take a high rank)

2Seki Yashin. Suna kage Empty Re: Seki Yashin. Suna kage Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:36 pm



Your application has been approved. Please log and GM the link to your forum posting for proof. You'll be given your setup after.

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