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1 |♢UNOFFICIAL♢|Perk Datatbase on Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:59 pm

--This person has above average strength, their upper body strength is great. Their punches deal increased damage, and they can pick up larger objects with ease.
Very Strong
--This person is very strong! Their upper body strength is amazing, allowing them to pick up very heavy objects. Each of their punches is a stunner, and they can pummel their opponents into submission.
Incredibly Strong
--This person's strength is incredible. They are a beacon of strength. They are immensely strong, allowing them to pick up the heaviest objects, and best even the largest enemies in close combat.
Superhuman Strength
--This person is beyond the human limits of strength. Their punches and blows can break bones with simple ease. Their insane strength allows them to pick up the heaviest objects, and even dual wield two handed blades.

--This person is fast, allowing them to both accelerate and maintain an above average speed. (2 OOC tiles)
Very Fast
--This person is very fast. This allows them to accelerate quickly, and maintain a fast pace. (3 OOC tiles)
Extremely Fast
--This person is extremely fast. They can accelerate very quickly, and run as fast as a cheetah. However, as they reach their highest speeds they become tunnel-visioned, and may have trouble keeping eyes on their target. (4 OOC tiles)
--This person is insanely fast. They move like a bullet fired from a gun. They can reach you in a second, moving at nigh-shunshin level speeds with simple ease. They suffer from tunnel-vision if they reach their peak. (5 OOC tiles)

--This person is tough. They have a strong frame that is able to withstand blows that would usually render them unconscious, or physical strikes that would put them out of commission.
--This person's frame is hardened by battle. They are able to withstand blows that would normally render them unconscious, physical strikes that would uncommission them, and are unaffected by projectile hits in non-critical regions.
--This person is a juggernaut. They are able to withstand even the toughest blows, able to shrug them off and carry on. Any physical attacks will prove ineffective against this target. In addition to this, projectile attacks and sword-based blows in non-crtitical regions are also ineffective.

--This person is a keen strategist, and demonstrates a learned mind. They can adapt to their opponent's style with ease, making contending with them much easier.
Wise Tactician
--A wise tactician never reveals his cards. This person is a very capable strategist, with the tactics to boot. They are able to quickly create openings for teammates to follow up upon, allowing virtually unavoidable strikes. In addition, they are also able to take keen advantage of any openings, and have their reflexes enhanced when acting on said target.
--This person has a gifted mind, allowing for accelerated learning and instruction. They can easily adapt to one's fighting style, and even copy it to a certain degree. Handseals betray the technique being used to this person, allowing them to quickly recognize the elemental affinity, and jutsu type.

--With quick reflexes and a nimble step, this person is able to quickly react to things around them. Their above-average reflexes enable them to easily evade attacks.
--This person is like a trained acrobat. They are able to preform feats of flexibility, and have amazing reflexes. Their flexible body allows them to easily evade incoming strikes.
--This person is supremely agile, their reflexes are so great that to the untrained eye it would seem as though instant. They are able to evade attacks effortlessly, as though percieving them in slow-motion.

--This person has the stamina of a trained athlete. They can keep going after what would have normally led to exhaustion.
--This person's stamina reserve is great. They are able to persevere through the hardest regimes, or trials.
--Immense just begins to describe this person's vitality. They have an aura of immensity around them, and their stamina is likewise. They are able to withstand the toughest trials, or the hardest training regimes without breaking a sweat.
--As a direct descendant of the Senju clan, this person's vitality is off the charts. They are able to preform insane feats of athletics, with a near endless reservoir of stamina.

--This person has large chakra reserves. They are able to keep going after what normally would have been one's limit.
--This person's chakra reserves are vast. Their innate spiritual energy is amazing, and allows them to preform well after what would have been one's limit.
--With immense chakra reserves, one can preform even the harshest techniques. This person's spiritual energy is so great that they may be confused with lower-end jinchuuriki.
Tailed Beast
--This person's chakra reserves are incomprehensibly high. Their pact with a jinchuuriki allows their chakra to reach impossible levels, coupled with the aid provided by the beast within. They can effortlessly match even the most veteran ninja in pure raw power, trained or untrained.

--This person's eye sight is nominal. They are able to pinpoint details that others would regularly miss, and can quickly spot objects in paralax.
--This person's sight is trained to perfection. They are easily able to spot objects, even ones that would normally require acute focus.
Eagle Eye
--With the eye of an eagle, this person can effortlessly identify and see objects from far away. Up close, they can easily see even the smallest details.

--This person's sense of hearing is well above average. They are able to detect disturbances around them with a certain degree of accuracy.
--With a trained sense of hearing, this person is able to easily detect disturbances around them, without care for size. They have a high degree of accuracy, and can detect the precise location and weight of the object.
Double Vision
--This person's sense of hearing is so great that it is comparable to eyes on the back of their head. They can effortlessly detect even the faintest sounds around them, with the smallest discrepancy for size.

--This person's sense of smell is well above average.  They are able to detect distinct smells around them to a certain degree of accuracy.
--With a trained nose, this person can detect faint tones in the air. They can easily differentiate poison, and other toxic chemicals from clean air.
--This person has a highly trained and developed sense of smell. They are able to attach a certain smell to an individual, and can remember it. In addition, they are able to differentiate between clean and toxic air with ease.
--This person's sense of smell is so developed that they are like a bloodhound.  They can effortlessly attribute a certain smell to an individual, and even detect the faintest tinge of toxin in the air.  They are able to track any scent they have come in contact with, and detect them from far distances.

--This person is able to faintly sense the presence of any chakra around them. While they have low-grade sensory abilities, they are unable to attach the presence of chakra to any individual, and cannot gage specific levels of chakra.
--This person is able to detect the presence of chakra around them to some degree of accuracy. They are able to precisely tell the levels of chakra of an individual, and track accurately from close to mid ranges.
--This person is a trained sensor. The presence of chakra around them is very familiar, and they can attach identities to individuals after becoming accustom to their chakra. The...

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